Sick Day

Sick Day today! I’m at home, and feel like writing blog entries, because I’m sick. Not with the A(H1N1) virus, I  assure you. Although my overly paranoid mom did quarantine me to my room. Not that she had to, since I hardly ever go outside of my room even on normal days. But anyway…

I’m kind of enjoying the day today, spending it watching Black Hole High on DVD. I really missed those kids. Hehe. And if you don’t know what Black Hole High is it’s this teen show they used to show at Disney Channel at around 1:30 in the morning. And yes, I’m such a geek that I stayed up late everyday to watch it. Eventually I found myself my own copy, and haven’t watched it since a few years back. I really loved it because it’s about science. Haha. Well the story is that the school’s science club experiences strange phenomena happening to them like, one student glows like a firefly, or another student becomes magnetic. It all has to do with this “black hole” (but it’s really more like a worm hole) that manifests in the science teacher’s office, and it’s all part of a big mystery involving a school board member and all-around creepy bad guy, Victor Pearson. Of course, the fun is in seeing these “science” stuff get in the way of a “normal” high school life– you know, like when they have dances and other social events, or peer pressure, and cheating on tests and all that.

Did I make it sound confusing? Yeah, that’s because I’m not a science person. I mean, I love science fiction, but I’m more focused on the fiction than I am on the science, unfortunately. I think that’s why I can never write my own science fiction tale. But enough about that, let’s talk more about how I’m sick.

Nearly everyone I’ve told has assumed that I’ve got the swine flu, though I can’t really blame them since that’s what everyone seems to be sick of these days. And I did mean to use “sick of” to reflect both it’s meanings. But hey, I’m all for talking about the swine flu and other serious issues if it gets everyone’s minds off of them stupid useless scandals. I’m just not too fond of the fact that the flu’s spreading not only in the news but in the people as well. Is it true that there are more than 33 cases in the Philippines and that both SM Megamall and SM Southmall are hot zones? That’s just so sad. I mean, what’s going to happen to the Toy Convention this Saturday? 😦 Listen to me being all shallow– there are more than 33 people sick of this life-threatening disease and all I can think about is the Toy Con. I’m really not too proud of myself at the moment.


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