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I’d Rather Not Know, I Think

So many things were wrong with my decision to watch Knowing last night.

First: I should never ever watch a movie that starts past 6:00PM on a weeknight. Not when my work the next day starts at 6 in the morning. Ugh. It was so hard to get up from bed this morning 😕 and I slept in the bus and missed my stop. 😐

Second: I got so scared from the movie, I’m now at least 5 times more paranoid than the usual. What’s worse is that it wasn’t even that scary a movie. It really wasn’t. But somehow, the kind of creepiness it had is exactly the kind of creepiness that I hate. And speaking of that movie…

Waaahh!! 😯 I know a lot of people (critics mostly) say that it wasn’t a good movie, and maybe it really wasn’t, but OMG it had me reacting like I’d never reacted before. I swear, towards the middle of it, I wanted to get out of the cinema. Not because the movie sucked, but because I just couldn’t take it anymore. You know how when you’re riding a roller coaster and as it climbs up the high ramp you suddenly wish that you hadn’t gotten on it and you start thinking of how to get out of the situation? Well, it’s kind of like that.

I don’t know what it is, because it’s not a scary movie! It’s a sci-fi end-of-days movie, like War of the Worlds and The Day After Tomorrow, which although were pretty suspenseful, I didn’t find scary at all. But this one somehow made strange thoughts creeping into my brain, scaring and puzzling and surprising me all at once. I think it’s because I’m real paranoid to begin with. I mean, even in the daytime, whenever I see a window or a mirror I keep thinking that I might see something I’m not supposed to. 😯

Anyway, one of the things that the movie brought up was, if you had the chance to know, when everything is going to end, would you want to? Or would you rather spend your days not knowing and just taking life as it comes? I guess most people would point out that the benefit of knowing is that you can somehow prepare yourself for it — either try to think of a way to prevent it from happening, or at least prepare yourself emotionally so that when it comes, you’ve already accepted your fate. I don’t know, but I think for me, I’d rather not know. Or rather, I’d rather just not be there, to see the world end. I mean, I hope it doesn’t happen in at least the next 100 years so I’d be sure to be already gone by the time it happens. So I wouldn’t have to deal with it. Yeah, I’m a scaredy cat. So what?

Hey, maybe that’s why I got so scared of this movie — because it’s about the future, and everyone knows that I’m deathly afraid of that. Oh, btw, I don’t mean that it’s set in the future where robots walk among us and cars are flying about. I mean that, it’s set in a time when it’s very plausible for the world to end (so I’m assuming that that’s in the future since we’re all still here now). Of course, little kids with pale faces who hear whispers in their own heads saying cryptic messages are real scary, too. A lot of scary movies have this kind of scene where the kid’s back is turned to the camera and he/she is doing something and then the parent approaches him/her slowly, and when he/she turns, you see that he/she has changed (e.g. In The Others, when Anne was playing with her doll and then she turned and she had the face of an old lady; In The Ring (Hollywood version), the kid was drawing circles again and again on paper). I swear, it’s one of the scariest movie cliches ever.

Right. I’ll stop talking about this now because I’m just scaring myself. I had to watch The Suite Life of Zack and Cody on Disney Channel last night just so I wouldn’t think about the end of the world before I went to sleep. (That’s another reason I slept so late, and woke up late, btw.) But I guess being this affected means that it’s really not as bad as the critics say it is. Even if it is a hodgepodge of most “end of the world” movies. As I was watching it, I remembered so many movies that are similar — War of the Worlds, The Day After Tomorrow, The Number 23,  even Signs. It did have a twist in the end that made it real different from all those other movies, but I can’t tell you what it is because that’ll just ruin the whole thing. Just watch it for yourself. Even if you’re not anything like me, you’ll probably at least find all the explosions/special effects really cool. 😎


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