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The Final Set

Here’s something about me: I’m actually not as big a fan of music as a lot of people seem to think I am (because I like videoke and I listen to non-mainstream bands and usually carry an mp3 player in my bag), but when it comes to OPM (Rock OPM, I don’t mean the Regine Velasquez-pop-type of OPM), I get very emotional. It could be because their music just caters more to my taste than the foreign artists (e.g. Incubus, U2, etc.), or maybe it’s just because of the fact that they’re here in the same country as I am. Whatever the reason, I am really quite fond of local music, and it’s one of those things that make me feel real sentimental, more than any other type of music. Know why I never pandered to the boyband (e.g. Boyzone, Backstreet Boys) craze? It’s because of them — the Eraserheads (and Rivermaya, actually). Why admire guys who sing simple notes with blah lyrics, which they didn’t even write, when there are people who sing nice tunes, write their own material, play their own instruments, AND live in the same country as you do (and so you can watch them live whenever you want)?

Anyway, I’m writing this down now before more stuff happens tomorrow. Soo many things happened over the course of 24 hours that I don’t know where to begin. So maybe I’ll just write stuff at random.

Farewell Francis

I was watching the Eat Bulaga tribute to Francs M earlier today (technically yesterday but because I haven’t slept yet, I’m considering this as a March 7 entry), in the bus, on my way to Mall of Asia, and I cried. Literally. I tried not to, but as soon as the Akafellas started crooning Cold Summer Nights, my tears were on their own. And they fell. Oh, how they fell.

I almost missed getting off the bus just because I still wanted to watch the rest of the clip they showed of Gary V’s 1990 concert where Francis M made a guest appearance. I mean, he was working up the crowd and was about to sing Mga Kababayan Ko when the bus stopped at Baclaran. I really felt bad when I stood up from my seat. 😦

The thing is, I’m not even into rap music. Seriously. During the olden days when people would ask other people “Hip Hop o Metal?” I would always say “Metal!” It wasn’t because I liked heavy metal, but because I really didn’t like Hip Hop. Until now, I’m totally clueless about all the famous rappers (and R&B artists, actually). But somehow, the kind of rap that Francis M did, maybe because there was something really Filipino about it, appealed to me in a way that no other rapper ever had, or has until now. In fact, Kaleidoscope World is the song that made me realize that I could like rap “music” (See, I don’t even think it’s real music!), and up to now it’s still one of my favorite songs, despite my inability to sing along with it.

So, I know everyone dies, and that this is just nature taking it’s course, but he will definitely be missed.

(Mababaw lang: This incident also made me think– Why do we call people named Francis, “Kiko” anyway? The nickname is somehow so natural to us Filipinos, but now that I think about it, “Kiko” is in no way similar to the name “Francis”, so why is this the default nickname? Kind of like how “Bob” is the nickname for “Robert” in the U.S.)


Wow, so many things to say about the Eraserheads concert last night! It was really lots and lots of fun! Although I think the last one was more fun, despite it being cut short. But wait, let me put these opinions under more specific headings.

The Concert

It was super fun! I do feel a bit bad for those who didn’t get to attend the first one last year (Eraserheads The Reunion Concert), because that was just a lot more enjoyable. Or at least it was more, I wanna say, genuine. I mean, OK, the way they played now was great. They played most of my favorite songs and it was cool how they had the change of outfits for some sets and other stuff, but it just felt a bit too commercialized. And I guess there’s nothing wrong with concerts being commercialized, if they were a pop group (like Callalily or Hale), but they’re THE Eraserheads! The “original” ROCK band of the Philippines. The first ones who dared shock the system with non-pop indie “stickin’ it to the man” (to quote School of Rock) tunes! Somehow, having them seem “poppy” for this concert felt a bit weird. But then again, maybe that’s just me. Besides, overall, the concert was still pretty great. πŸ˜€


I do have one complaint– did the MTV VJs really have to be there to introduce the band? Okay, maybe they did since it is MTV who’s sponsoring the event. So fine, I’m totally cool with promoting the sponsors and using MTV’s talents to introduce the band. But did they have to pretend that they loved the band as well?! Honestly, it felt weird seeing the likes of Anne Curtis and Kat Alano say stuff like “This is a great band!” when you kind of feel that they really don’t know what they’re talking about.

I mean, seriously. If they really loved the Eraserheads, they wouldn’t have mistaken Nena for Nene in the song Tindahan ni Aling Nena. AND, “I love Pare Ko!” is NOT an Eraserheads memory! An Eraserheads memory is something like, “The first cassette tape I ever bought with my own money was the Eraserheads’ first album!”

Saying that you love a song, and then someone else saying “I love the lyrics!”, I mean, these are things said by people who can’t think of anything to say. I really wish they’d done their research, or if they’re too busy to do that, then they should’ve just left things as they were. Promote the sponsors, say good things about the shows on MTV, and then leave the stage. No need to pretend they love the band when everyone clearly knows that they don’t. (And it’s fine that they don’t anyway. We all know that the Eraserheads music is not for everybody.)

No Need for Crowd Control

Okay, I lied. I have TWO complaints about the concert — the crowd was BORING!

No, I’m not looking for a riot like in the UP fair. I’m glad that the people weren’t overly rowdy. But I wouldn’t have minded if they were also a wee bit livelier! Seriously, in the place where my friends and I were standing (and it’s not like we were with the somewhat posh VIP/Gold ticket crowd, we were in the humble Silver ticket area), it felt like we were the only ones singing aloud (I think I was even alone in singing some songs, i.e. Poorman’s Grave, Waiting for the Bus) and having fun. Everyone else was just standing still and texting or taking pictures of themselves and their friends (this earns a separate entry altogether), which made me wonder whether they were true fans or if they were just people with too much money and nothing better to do.

Hardly anyone was jumping or dancing, even when the songs were upbeat and fun. So yeah, I mean, I had fun. But I think I would’ve enjoyed it more if the people around me were also enjoying the concert as much as I did.

Francis M Tribute

Right. So it was a tad predictable that they sang Super Proxy in memory of Francis M (that collaboration, BTW, is the only song I truly liked in the Ultraelectromagneticjam album). But when they sang the the last lines of Kaleidoscope World, I was totally lost — in memories of my childhood and my love affair with OPM.

The Encore

Speaking of the boring crowd, or maybe it’s just because the crowd is older than the usual rock concert crowd, wasn’t it weird how a lot of people left as soon as Ang Huling El Bimbo was finished, and didn’t even ask for “more!!”? So when the 3-song encore started, it was already a lot roomier in the audience area. Not that I’m complaining, I got to see the band on stage more clearly, and got to sing Toyang at the top of my lungs. πŸ™‚ Maybe that’s even what made it a great encore–because only the ones who really wanted more were there to see it.

But the Best Part…

And of course I saved the best for last. πŸ™‚

Actually, my friends and I had been in the Mall of Asia since around 2:30PM that day, not yet waiting for the concert, but just hanging out, doing some errands and stuff. Anyway, we were eating at Burger King when one of my friends suddenly pointed outside and said, “Si Raimund ba ‘yun?”

My friends and I turned to look and true enough, Raimund Marasigan, Eraserheads drummer (and Sandwich vocalist) extraordinaire was coming down the escalator.

We were looking at him through the glass walls of Burger King, still trying to confirm whether it was really him or not, when he turned to look at our direction. My friend waved at him, and he gave us one of the most heart-melting smiles ever. :mrgreen:

Okay, so Raimund isn’t my favorite Eheads member or anything, but imagine the high of waiting to go the Eheads concert, and then seeing one of its members just before, and he smiles at you… *dreamy sigh*

So many hours later, I’m dizzy and sleepy and tired all at once, and yet I’m still in awe of that smile he shared. πŸ™‚

Congratulations to the Eraserheads. πŸ™‚ They deserve being treated like the legends that they are. And thanks to them, I will have good happy dreams tonight. πŸ™‚

Mabuhay ang Noypi!


3 thoughts on “The Final Set”

  1. Napaka-comprehensive ng entries ah. Feeling ko, nakapanood na rin ako kahit hindi. Heheh.. Long live, Eheads.

    About Kiko, yeah, I remember you posting a comment on my blog about Super Proxy being the only track in the tribute album that you liked. For me, thats just one of the many proofs that he could really bridge musical boundaries in a way that he gets respected from both the hiphop and rock community.

    Kiko will always be remembered for his music, patriotism and much, much more. I miss him as early as now πŸ™‚

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