What’s To Come

Wow. It’s the first time in 2 weeks that I’m sitting at my desk at home and typing this on my own computer. There had been a lot of work lately (in fact there’s  lot of work still), and get-togethers with friends and beach outings with the family that it’s only now that I found the time to sit and write. And even now I’m not writing anything all that important (not that I ever do). I have so many drafts I still haven’t published because they’re all unfinished–thoughts have been swimming in my head and there are just too many that I can’t complete them and write a decent blog entry. So instead, I’m writing this — what’s to come for the month of March, or the rest of 2009.

Is it really March already?? But I’m still in New Year mode! How can summer already start, when I still haven’t put away my Christmas presents? (Oh no wait, that doesn’t count. I never put away my Christmas gifts. Hahaha!) And worse, how can it be March 2009 when I still haven’t taken the computer dust covers out of their plastic bags and actually put them on my computer?!?!

Gosh, a year on Earth is short, isn’t it? In my mind, my computer is still new, but the calendar says that it’s almost a year old. And that means that this blog is also almost a year old. No wonder a lot of people have come up with metaphors on how time passes so quickly. I’m sure you’ve heard/read most of ’em, so I won’t repeat them here. But I have however, just brought up something that’s to come this month — my blog/computer’s 1st year anniversary. Woohoo! I know, I know, a computer turning a year old is nothing special to most people (it might in fact be the opposite of special, because that means that it’s already an old model), but this being my first major purchase ever, I kind of feel sentimental about it. Sentimental in the sense that there is something I miss — my savings! How on Earth was I able to save enough money last year to buy myself a computer? I’m completely broke now. I think I’m even in debt. I don’t want to check because I’m afraid of the results. But, I don’t know. Hopefully something will come (hint hint — if you have lots of money, care to send me some? 😉 hehehe).

Anyway, whatever. Why did I choose my computer’s anniversary as the first “event” to happen this month? There are actually lots that are coming, such as:

1. Family Outings and More Family Outings – My mom is a nazi when it comes to family outings. Seriously. She’d plan tours for the family weeks (months, sometimes years) in advance and force you to free your schedule. The good thing about it is that when the day that we’ll be traveling comes, everything’s already fixed–transport, food, money matters, etc. The bad thing is that we all have to follow her military-ish schedule. So, I know I’m a bit too old to still be going on trips with my parents but whatever. When you like to travel, you travel with anyone. And my parents aren’t bad company anyway. This year, we’ve already gone to Dumaguete and Punta Fuego. The next places to visit (assuming they all push through) are the Hundred Islands and Boracay. So I’m all excited about the Pangasinan trip because I’ve never been there before, but not so much for the Boracay trip since I’ve been there twice before, and most of my friends tell me that it just gets worse every year. Right. I guess we’ll just have to see.

2. Get-togethers with Friends – It’s almost just like Christmas. Friends suddenly get in touch. Although this time it’s to ask you if you want to go traveling with them. Not that I mind. I love it. It’s just a bit hard to find a schedule that works for everyone, and a budget that everyone agrees with, or even a place that everybody would like. But just in case you were curious, I’m going with my friends this summer to the following places: the beach, the spa, and the Mernel’s Cake Store in Los Baños. So I can miss the beach and the spa trip (and just go somewhere else with my friends), but the Mernel’s Cake Store is non-negotiable. One way or another, I will get to eat those cakes. I should put a sign on the back of my shirt that says–WILL TRAVEL LONG DISTANCES FOR CAKE. (Just in case you didn’t get it, that’s a spoof of the “Will Work for Food” sign thingie.) Hehehe.

3. Global Financial Crisis – What?!?! There’s something like this on my fluffy shallow superficial blog?!?! Nah, this is just my justification as to why I don’t have any money these days. ‘Eh kung buong mundo nga naghihirap ‘eh, ako pa kaya!??! I wonder how I will be able to afford all the gimiks I have planned. I mean, it’s not just the transportation and accommodation fees that you have to think about, but the food you’ll eat and the clothes you’ll wear, and the sunblock you’ll use, and the shampoo for your hair (napansin n’yo bang nag-rhyme ako? 😉 hehe ), and the flip flops for your feet, and the people you’ll greet — what?! Basta mag-rhyme lang! Hehe. No, seriously. I am in a sort of very unstable situation with regard to money matters (but it’s not my fault. the whole world is like this at the moment. — hehe defensive talaga!), and it’s not just the summer trips I’m worried about but the day-to-day stuff like lunch, and bus fares… How will it all work out? I think I’m gonna have to just wait and see.

And, what else? What else is going to happen this month?

Oh, that’s right! Watchmen opens on Friday, Eraserheads – The Final Set is on Saturday, and I’m watching the musical I Love You, Because with my friends on Sunday!

There really are lots and lots that’s going to happen this month, aren’t there? I wonder how many blog entries I’ll write this time.


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