Tuesday Girl

Since our 6AM shift in the office started, my teammates and I have come up with a system for our breakfast break, so we could save some money. Instead of each of us buying individual breakfasts each day, one of us would just bring something for him/herself and the rest of us. Since there are five of us, each is assigned to bring breakfast for one day of the work week.

I’m assigned Tuesday, which is great. Monday and Friday are the most difficult because people have high expectations for the first and last days of the week, Wednesday is when people are most hungry (because it’s in the middle) and by Thursday, most people will be in weekend mode.

So yesterday I brought grilled cheese sandwiches, and last week I brought adobo pandesal and the week before that some french toast. Up to now, we still haven’t repeated any breakfast food (except for bread–which is a staple breakfast food), and we’re running out of ideas. But see, that’s the reason I like being Tuesday Girl as well, because Monday dictates what kind of week it’ll be, and I get to be the first to bring the food that’s aligned with the week theme.

Okay, I’m totally making this up. There’s no week theme to our breakfasts (but we do have breakfast–that part I’m not making up). I just like to think there is. 🙂 Anyway, I’m mostly writing this because, well…

Have you got any ideas on what’s a good breakfast food? The only requirement is that it should be easy to bring–I commute long distances, you know. Hehe. So? Any ideas? Seriously.


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