Whoa–Is it Christmas?!

So I know Valentine’s Day has always been this overrated, overly advertised, money-making holiday, but this year is the only time I’ve thought that it’s just like Christmas all over again, only, we do away with the green and use white instead.

The malls are packed with people, stores are playing season songs (as in, the sappiest love songs you could think of), gift items (and gift wrappers and cards) are everywhere, traffic is bad…

Wait, isn’t this why I love Valentine’s Day in the first place? Because it’s like Christmas, but not a religion thing (although I’m aware that the holiday was established because of a particular St. Valentine). It’s for LOVE! And love knows no boundaries. Haha! What I mean is, anyone from any belief system (even atheists, and except those whose religions specifically ban them from celebrating all kinds of holidays) can celebrate this day!

And BTW, starting today, my posts are going to be RED because Valentine’s Day is so near!! Can y’all feel the spirit? 😀 Hehehe. Nearly everywhere I go, I hear people talking about their plans (or lack thereof) for Saturday. It’s so fun listening to other people’s conversations! Hehehe.

As for me, I just thought of a nice way to spend my Valentine’s Day — Dharma & Greg marathon! I’ve always been interested about that show, but never had time to watch it because it used to be shown at a weird time slot, but now I can watch it on my computer, so Yay!

Hey wait a minute, didn’t I spend Christmas Day marathoning Devil Beside You (this is a Taiwanese drama, in case you didn’t know). Right! It’s Christmas all over again! Only, the only ones obliged to give presents are those who are in a relationship. Haha. Sucks to be you. The rest of us don’t need to spend a single penny. What’s that? You think I’m only pretending to be happy and actually really want to have someone to give Valentine’s Day gifts to?



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