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So because there should always be someone in his/her work station to answer the phone in case it rings, our team came up with a shifting schedule for lunch time — 12nn ’til 1pm would be the time the guys would take their lunch, and the girls would eat from 1pm ’til 2pm. It wasn’t really a requirement that the guys and the girls ate separately. Somehow it just ended up that way. Anyway, since our shift changed into the AM/PM schedule, the time for “lunch” was also changed, and the people who ate lunch together also changed. For one thing, the guys and girls ate together now. And there’s nothing wrong or strange about that. I guess I just got so used to eating with the girls for so long, I’d forgotten just how different guys and girls think. Take for instance what happened earlier:

Girl1: Ang masarap talaga, ‘yung cotton candy tapos lalagyan mo ng Nido!
Girl2: Oo nga! Masarap ‘yon!
Girl 3: O kaya ‘yung Oreo na sasawsaw sa milk! Sarap!
Boy1: Hinde, alam n’yong masarap talaga, ‘yung beer with ice. Tapos may yosi ka. Saka pulutan. Saka babae. ‘Yun ang masarap!

Girls 1, 2 & 3: (insert cricket sounds here)

Girl1: Sabagay, ang usapan lang naman ‘eh kung anong “masarap” ‘eh. Wala namang ibang parameters.

Right. Here’s another situation:

Boy1: Grabe hassle, alam n’yo ba ‘yung asawa ko, gustong bumili ng plato na Corelle! Pagkakita ko ng presyo, dyusko! Ang mahal!

Girls: Okey lang ‘yon, worth it naman kasi durable ‘yun saka maganda ang mga designs!

Boys: Grabe naman para plato lang gagastos ka ng malaki?!?!

‘Yon. Wala lang. Share ko lang. Hehehe.


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