Book-A-Minute: Twilight the Series

Someone asked me what Twilight was all about and I had so much fun telling her, I figured I’d share it with you guys.

If you’ve never heard of Book-A-Minute, here’s a link: Book-A-Minute

Here’s their version of Twilight by Stephenie Meyer.

And then here’s my ultra-condensed version (of the whole series, including New Moon, Eclipse and Breaking Dawn):

Bella Swan

I’m in trouble!

Edward Cullen

I’ll save you.

(Repeat 100 times.)



1 thought on “Book-A-Minute: Twilight the Series”

  1. huwaw katuwa naman ang ultra condensed version mo hehehe… btw Ida, hope okay lang sau I tagged u ulet pero this time for a good cause naman eh hehehe pls check my latest entry (my blog prayer brigade) tnx in advance!

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