Attend a shoot for a TV commercial — Check!

Look at that, I didn’t even make a bucket list, but I’m getting to cross off really interesting stuff!

I got to attend a filming for a TV commercial last Saturday. No, I’m not a commercial model (although I’ve been told several times that I look like one 😉 hehehe), nor part of the crew who makes commercials (unfortunately, I’m not that creative). But I do have a cousin who’s a great make-up artist, and she just happens to work with one of my friends E, who works for an advertising agency. Since their company’s not really all that strict with the rules, they invited me to come along and watch their shoot.

So, I felt completely useless the whole time I was there since I know null about make-up nor making an advertisement. I did volunteer to be part of the “clean-up committee” at one point, but they were worried that I might break some of their very expensive equipment. And I also volunteered to be the one to shout “Scene 1 Take 2!” (or you know, something like that), but they said my voice was too soft, but that if I made it any louder it would be annoying. So I mostly just stood around, took up space, and ate their food. Like a fly. A big one, that you couldn’t just shoo away.

They were really nice people, though. They didn’t mind that I was there being useless. The boss-man even told me that I should join their shoots more often. 🙂 Of course, I don’t really know whether he was joking or not. But he seemed nice and sincere so, that was good. I felt as comfortable as I could, despite being a new face in their already tight-knit group. They gave me food and everything. 😀 And I was quite proud of myself that I was able to answer the questions that their client/interviewee asked me, despite my not being a part of the production team. Okay, they were fairly simple questions, i.e. “What time did you start shooting today?”, and “Where are the other locations that you shoot in?”, but still, I’m happy to have been convincing enough for her to believe that I was part of the crew. 😉

The shoot took a while. It started at around 3PM and ended at 7PM. My friend said that it didn’t usually take that long but because they had some newbie employees this time, and they were shooting at a different location than usual, so it went on for a lot longer than usual, too. (About 2 hours longer. It was supposed to end by 5PM.) So at the end of the day, we all went out and treated ourselves to Teriyaki Boy. 😀

It was actually my first time to meet E’s friends (or should I say ‘colleagues’), and I had a lot of fun talking to them. Here’s something funny: Since they’re artists, they admitted to not being very good at Math, like me. And when the bill came, it took us quite a while to figure out how much each of us should pay. We ended up paying a somewhat fair amount, with some of us receiving change, and the others not. But we were all too irritated with Math to work out the details so we kind of just accepted whatever we ended up with. 😮

All in all, it was a pretty fun experience. I got to watch a commercial being made (although I’m really not sure if I’ll get to see it on TV since I don’t watch TV that much), and got to hang out with my cousin and a few new friends. 🙂 So, maybe I will take Mr. Boss-man up on his offer and go to another shoot of theirs someday. I just hope that when that day comes I’ll be of more help.

Happy week everyone! 😀


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