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Taxi Stories

I’m sure we all have one. I had one just last month. Anyway, the point is that if you ride a taxi, several times, in your lifetime (and let’s face it, how can you not? Even if you have your own car, you’re bound to take a taxi at one point or another. Of course, I have heard about some people existing who have never ridden any form of public transportation, but in my opinion, that’s totally their loss.) you’re bound to collect some funny/interesting/strange stories. So earlier this evening I took a taxi to meet up with my sister in Greenbelt 5 and had a somewhat interesting experience.


I normally just take the Fort Bus to get to the Makati area when I’m coming from my office, but today, my sister and her boyfriend left me their suitcase (as in, a 7k-capacity Delsey suitcase) so they wouldn’t have to bring it while they’re shopping, so I figured it would be easier to just take a cab since I’m bringing something quite heavy. Actually, I was still considering the possibility of just taking the bus, but I realized that it would only take me until the Ayala MRT station, and we all know that it’s a looong walk from that point to Greenbelt 5, and there was no way I was walking that distance while carrying a heavy suitcase.

Anyway, as I was waiting, naturally, there were others at our building lobby waiting for a cab, too. Since it was rush hour, there weren’t a lot of empty cabs passing by. When finally one did, I walked towards it, but because I’m just unlucky like that, two other girls got to it before I did. They opened the door and told the driver where they were going:

“Market Market po!”

😡 WTF?!?!?! The building we were at is practically a stone’s throw away from Market Market, and the Fort Bus actually stops at Market Market exactly. And, they weren’t carrying heavy luggages or anything. Both of them only had small handbags. What the hell did they need to take a cab for?!?!?

OK, so I know, I’m not supposed to criticize the lifestyle of other people. Maybe they were really tired and didn’t want to walk. But seriously, the Fort Bus stops directly in front of Market Market, just beside the place the cabs stop, so whichever kind of transportation they take would involve the same amount of walking.

I was so upset, I shouted “Kung Market Market lang kayo, mag-bus na lang kayo!!”

I’m not sure if they heard me or not, because the car doors closed at the exact same time that I finished my sentence. I know the other people in the vicinity heard me, and my officemate who was with me at the time told me, “Ang sungit mo ‘ah!” But seriously, I wouldn’t be as grouchy as I was if they hadn’t been so impractical. I mean, if they were also going to Greenbelt, or somewhere farther like Ortigas, then I wouldn’t have minded their having run to a cab that I clearly flagged. Gosh. People.


I eventually was able to flag down another cab to take me to Greenbelt 5. I didn’t talk to the driver much after telling him where I wanted to go, and it was mostly because, well, because his phone rang. And guess what? His ringtone was some kind of R&B song (which I don’t know the title of because I’m not an R&B fan, but it’s something that I only hear from stations like 88.3 or 93.1). And I guess that’s not really all that strange, but then when he answered the call I noticed something stranger — he was using hands-free headset!

Ang sosyal, diba?! Hehehe. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not meaning to judge taxi drivers. I actually found it so cool that he was responsible enough to buy himself a hands-free headset, seeing as most drivers I know (I don’t mean professional drivers, I mean, my friends and relatives who drive), don’t bother and just answer their phones while keeping one hand on the wheel. Plus, it really was my first time seeing a cab driver with a hands-free headset. Some cab drivers, I’m sad to say, I catch texting while they’re driving. Even when there isn’t a traffic jam, they’re texting.  😩

So, you understand my relief to find out that there are exceptions. Not all cab drivers are irresponsible. Yay!! 🙂

I’ll probably collect more stories as life goes along, and I guess when they’re interesting enough I’ll be posting them here as well. I was actually thinking earlier of making a collection of these things — Taxi Stories, Elevator Stories (because I have a couple of those, too, and I know some friends of mine who have strange experiences in elevators as well), and just funny/strange/interesting stories (overheard or personally experienced) in general. I know there’s probably already a book like this somewhere, but still, it seems kind of fun to make your own. 🙂 Well, I guess we’ll just see what happens.


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