First Post

This is my first post for 2009.


I’m too lazy to write a recap of everything that’s happened last year. Not really because there’sa lot of things that happened, but more because there was hardly anything of great importance that’s worth mentioning. 2008 was boring. But more than that, 2008 was sad. So I’ll just leave it at that.

And I guess I won’t be writing any plans for this new year either, seeing as I never get to do whatever I plan, and actually hate planning, because there are always unpredictable events that inevitably ruin my plans, despite how many contingencies I think of, so…

I’m basically speechless about the most common topic to blog about this time of year. (Ha! This time of year 😕 , the year’s barely begun!)

I’ll blog about something else then.

Back at my Desk

I didn’t get to use my computer for 3 days even though I haven’t left the house at all in the past 3 days (except to buy ice cream at the gas station, which is about 5 minutes away). Because my sister is here at home, and she brought her boyfriend with her, so he’s staying in my brother’s room, and my brother who is also here for the holidays is staying in my room, and I have been sleeping on the couch for the past 2 days, not that I mind. The couch is very comfortable, and I get to watch the big screen TV (OK, it’s not that big, but it’s bigger than the tiny television that’s in my room) until I fall asleep. 🙂

I got to use my computer only now because my brother’s out, and for the first time, we don’t have anything planned for today. As in, we’re not meeting any friends or going swimming or whatever. Today is a chill-out day, and I get to chill-out in my room. 🙂 So, I don’t really mind it because I have the rest of the year to do this, and I’m happy that my siblings are here instead of abroad, where they usually are.

Devil Beside You

I’m currently watching this drama, however because of the busy holidays, I’ve only seen up to Episode 8. And I’m only watching it on streaming sites, so it’s not something I can just pop on the DVD player (or laptop) and watch whenever I want. There’s buffering time involved, and with our PLDT connection, that takes a while. Not that it would be any faster if we had a different internet provider. Let’s just face it: The internet in the Philippines sucks, no matter who provides it.

Anyway, I spent Christmas Day just watching this, and I was perfectly happy. There’s nothing that keeps me happy and distracted more effectively than a good Asian Drama. And this one is really good so far. 🙂 (OK, there are other things that distract me, such as good anime, and sometimes Buffy.) So don’t tell me any spoilers.

[BTW, what is up with Crunchy Roll??!? What happened to all the Asian Dramas?!?!?! Is it all just for Anime now??? Grrrr!!!!! I hate Crunchy Roll now!]

That’s it. That’s my overly boring first post for 2009. Still, it’s not a sad update (or I guess that would really depend on how you define ‘sad’, because some people think that being bored is sad, but I don’t think that way). So, that’s at least something, right?

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