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Hindi talaga ako credible.

Once, I forwarded a really nice quote (I already forgot what it was) to the e-mail of my officemates and they all liked it and asked me who said it.

I told them, “Ako sumulat niyan.”

At ayun. Walang naniwala sa’kin.

Several months later, I won a contest in our office. It was for Valentine’s Day and the contest was for who could give the best reason why they love the people they love (e.g. family / friends / siginificant others / self). The reason that I sent in won. 🙂

When they congratulated me and told me that I wrote my answer really well, I said, “Ha? Wala, kinopya ko lang ‘yan.”

They didn’t believe me either. 😐

So hindi ko tuloy alam if they think I’m a good writer or not. Hehehe. But that’s not the story I wanted to tell actually. This is about Twilight, or should I say, Takipsilim.

I just saw a news article that ABS-CBN will make a new teleserye based on the Twilight series, starring Rayver Cruz and Shaina Magdayao. I told my officemates this and they all believed me and were already talking about how the series would probably turn out when I said, “They’re going to title it Takipsilim.”

At which point they all figured I was joking about the whole thing so they laughed and said “Nice one Ida! Naloko mo kami!”


But everything I said is true. It says so in this article.

So, I’m not too keen on the idea, knowing how remakes ruin a lot of good ideas, especially local remakes (Do NOT get me started on Princess Sarah and Zaido). And even more especially because I don’t like Twilight that much to begin with. But… I’m still hoping for the best. The director is Cathy Garcia-Molina, and she’s so far one of my favorites. With a project like this though, I wish her all the luck in the world. 🙂


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