On Twilight

If ever the creators of the movie find their way here and ask me what I think, this is what I’m going to say:

OK. That was good. But now do it better.

I won’t give a real movie review for this either. There’s too many of those already, and I don’t know enough about Twilight to think that I could write a review that will give it justice. Besides, I think that statement I just said sums up everything I think about the movie.

I do think that I’m really lucky to have caught its advance screening, without all the hassle. How did I do it? It’s all due to a GCF* and a little “town” called ATC. I love being a Southern girl! 😀

*GCF – Geographically Convenient Friend

Soundtrack is really good though. Or at least it is in my opinion. I just bought it and am listening to it now, and I’m liking all the songs, from the first track to the last. Bella’s Lullabye is… It makes me speechless…

My opinion on the book/story? It’s actually a pretty good idea. I don’t think the world will ever get tired of the Romeo & Juliet/forbidden love thing. But for some reason it reminds me too much of Roswell, and well, I like Roswell.

OK, I’m aware that they’re completely different. Roswell is Science Fiction. Twilight is Dark Fantasy. Max is an alien. Edward is a vampire. Max would never want to kill Liz. Some part of Edward wants to drink Bella’s blood. But there are definitely similarities, key ones at that:

1. They’re both not human. (And the girls they love are human.)
2. They’re both lab partners with the girl they love.

Anyway, I love them both. The stories, not just Max and Edward. But I do love Max and Edward. Someone should write a yaoi crossover fic about them. Haha! Just kidding. That would be… Really disturbing. Forget I said that. Hehe.

OK, silly stuff aside, I do love both stories, and can’t choose which one I like better because they’re really different. I guess I’m just glad that just as readers don’t ever get tired of the idea of forbidden love, writers don’t get tired of writing about it, in different ways. 🙂


3 thoughts on “On Twilight”

  1. I liked the movie soundtrack too! Haven’t seen the movie though. Bella’s Lullaby didn’t sound much like Bella, but the other songs were pretty good. :p

  2. @coffee: Are you serious?? Twilight is nothing but a fad. Harry Potter is something that changes the world. That’s just my opinion of course, but if in the long run, Twilight does become more popular, I would probably weep for the next generations.

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