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So Broke!

Believe it or not, the next two statements are absolutely true (I swear on my life they are):

1. I have only Php64.81 left in my bank account.
2. The money that my wallet currently contains is Php42.00.

So I have a total of Php106.81 left before the next payday. (Although, I technically can’t withdraw the 64 pesos in my bank account since the minimum for withdrawal is Php500.) 😥

The reason? Oh you know, just some things essential to life, like food and… comic books.

Yesterday was the 4th Annual Komikon. And I lost all my money buying comics! 😥 Huhuhuhu…

The saddest thing is that I wasn’t even able to buy all the comic books that I wanted! Because unfortunately, I already didn’t have that much money to begin with (I’m blaming it on Starbucks and their stupid stupid mainstream consumer-driven evil schemes!), so I had to pick only the ones that I really really liked. So there. Even though I didn’t splurge, I still ended up broke. 😥 And that’s why I’m bitter.

But money matters aside, yesterday was actually a really fun day. I always have fun at the Komikon. 🙂 Dare I say it’s my favorite geek convention. Even if it is held in the far away land of Quezon City (No offense to those who live there, but I’m a Southern girl at heart!). Or that actually might be the reason why I like it so much. With such a small venue (It’s at the UP Bahay ng Alumni, in case you didn’t know), and a small number of attendees (Okay, I’m aware that there were probably a couple thousand of people there, but it’s still not as many as the attendees of other events, e.g. the Hero Con, OZine fest, etc.), and no cosplay (Again, no offense to cosplayers. I love cosplay, but some cosplayers are just waaaayy too showbiz.), the event becomes more intimate, and it gets to really focus on the art, rather than the sales. 🙂 I love how famous artists become normal people in the Komikon in the sense that you can just find them anywhere. I mean, sure, for a long time, they’re sitting at their tables and writing autographs, but they eventually go around and buy comics themselves, and talk to a lot of the fans. Being able to come up to someone like Arnold Arre and just say “Hi I love your work, and can I get your autograph?” is really something.

I was also able to meet a couple of people–friends, old and new. My high school friends from Mangaholix weren’t there at all because they attended the Hero Con (which happened to be on the same day) instead, but the people at the Mangaholix booth were pretty good acquaintances of mine, so I was able to hang out at their booth still. Yay! I was pleasantly surprised to see Kristofferson, my high school friend, who said that he was there simply because he missed the comics. (Me too!) He was one of the people I went with to the first Komikon back in 2005. We went to sell an independent comic. I helped set up the booth and everything! 🙂 Well, my friends have come a long way– from being a table in the Indie Tiangge, to being a Major Sponsor of the event. Congratulations to them! 😀

And I met some new people too–Markus, who I only used to know from his blog (and I’m still sorry I wasn’t able to buy their Bayan Knights, I’d run out of money by the time I found their table. 😦 ), and lots of others whom I found out were friends of my friends. Syeri was there too (well of course, she’s the organizer!) and gave me a limited edition of the Darna comics for free! Okay, she gave them as a prize, but the “trivia” question I answered was so easy, I really didn’t work for it. 😀

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to take any pictures. I didn’t bring my camera because I’m a paranoid freak, and my cellphone camera isn’t very good. Plus I was alone most of the time so there wasn’t really anyone I could ask to take a picture of me. That’s actually what’s most different for me this time, since I used to go to the Komikon with at least 5 friends, and when I got there I would know most everyone, but now I went with, well, zero friends. But I guess that’s why I was able to meet all those new people. And as everyone keeps telling me, it’s always good to make new friends. 🙂 So hopefully I did make some new ones, and if I didn’t, well it was nice crossing paths with them for one day. 🙂

Now all I have to do is earn back the money I spent, and I don’t know, ask my parents for money in the mean time? How pathetic is that?! And just to drive my point home, I’ll tell you the story of how I got so embarrassed at the food stands:

So I was hungry and wanted to buy a hotdog. I asked the girl selling them how much one hotdog sandwich was.

“Seventy,” she said.

My first reaction was, Holy cow that’s an expensive hotdog! (Okay, it’s that expensive because they’re technically frankfurters). I only had a hundred bucks left in my wallet then, and was saving that for my trip home (Sa Las Piñas pa’ko nauwi!), so I knew I couldn’t afford it and had to tell her, “Ah, sige. Babalik na lang ako,” like I was in a department store trying on a pair of shoes that I realized didn’t look good on my feet. 😳

Yeah. I should never go out without any money again. Or if I ever do, it better be with a really really rich friend. Hehehehe. See ‘ya all next time! 😀


4 thoughts on “So Broke!”

  1. Kapag may Komikon pa next year punta na din ako. I was only hesitating this year dahil ang layoooo! Pareho tayong south girl Ida! Mga solid South girls! rofl.

    Next year kpag broke ka, samahan kita. haha! Para may kasama ka naman pauwi incase bigla kang mawalan ng pera. haha!

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