Not Fade Away

Why in the world did I watch the last season of Angel the Series? I should’ve known it will lead to nothing but disappointment. Disappointment, that it’s already over, and that that’s how it ended.

Okay, I’m well aware that this series ended long ago, but I only got to see it now. I don’t really remember the reason I didn’t watch it on TV, maybe it had a weird time slot. Anyway, the point is that I found the series strange.

Just a few minutes before the very last scene of the series
Just a few minutes before the very last scene of the series

Reason 1: I didn’t like it very much.

I mean, I love Joss Whedon and I think he’s a good writer, and I like Angel’s character and I like David Boreanaz. But for some reason, I just didn’t like this series. Sure, there were some great episodes (Note: I only saw the first season and the last one, and yes, I’m aware that the bulk of the story was probably in the middle seasons, but I just don’t feel like watching them.), but a lot of episodes, I found a bit boring.

Reason 2: “Spike” got a bit old.

I love Spike, too. He’s my favorite character both in the Buffy series and the Angel series. And he and Angel are always fun to watch, but sometimes their interactions are just over the top. And at times, even a tad predictable. Although I’m still loving that he was in the last season of the series. I will always love Spike anyway. 🙂

Reason 3: There aren’t enough girls / The girls are annoying.

I kind of never really liked Cordelia, and Fred. And I know it’s not fair to expect them to be like Buffy and Willow, in fact they really shouldn’t be like Buffy and Willow, but it couldn’t hurt to make them a bit stronger. And also, the character of Eve, in the last season? Ugh! She was annoying as annoying can get.

Reason 4: No Buffy!

Not even a cameo appearance! It hardly seems fair, since Angel was always in Sunnydale whenever Buffy found herself in a really difficult situation. And then just because he becomes CEO of Wolfram & Hart, she stops trusting him? I don’t buy it. Even if they’d become as estranged as they did, I don’t believe Buffy will ever think that Angel would turn evil, except when he becomes Angelus. But Andrew and Giles can just tell her that he didn’t become Angelus. So, yeah. That was an out-of-character move that they should’ve done without.

Reason 5: WTF?!?! Ending

So I also heard that they were forced to wrap up the show so that’s probably not how it was supposed to end, but… But… đŸ˜„

Okay, biases aside, it was actually a pretty good ending for the series. Since the theme of the last season anyway was to “fight evil from the inside”, then the way they did that at the last episode was actually pretty cool. Sure a lot of people died, but they all died fighting. And although they totally altered reality and unleashed hell on Earth… well, it’s a TV series anyway.


Maybe I’m just disappointed because there are no more episodes to watch, no more battles to be fought, no more apocalypses hiding around the corner. No more Buffy. No more Angel. No more Spike. 😩

I’m sad now.


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