About Me

My Secret

Here’s a secret: I want to be a ventriloquist.

Seriously. I never thought that it was dorky or creepy or whatever other strange adjectives they associate with ventriloquism. I’ve always wanted to learn how to throw my voice, and I sometimes do weird voices that I imagine could be voices for some of my stuffed toys. Right. Maybe I’m crazy. But I think it’s a cool talent to have.

Unfortunately, it’s not very easy. Speaking without moving your lips? It’s harder than it looks. I know because I’ve tried. Several times. And then there’s that thing about making your voice sound like it’s not coming from you. How do people do that? I mean, you’ve only got one mouth, how do ventriloquists make it seem like somebody else is talking? Anyway, I kind of had a “ventriloquist” moment last night. Not because I was holding a doll and people believed it was talking, but because I was able to change my tone of voice so well, that it seemed like another person was in the room.

I was actually just telling a story. About Starbucks. OK, I was telling the story I wrote in the previous blog entry. Imagine that story being said aloud, and that’s what my story was like. And I changed my voice for the part where the barista goes “Tall Dark Cherry Mocha for Ida!”

And I got so surprised by the tone of my own voice, because I was able to mimic the voice of the actual barista who said it. So I felt as though I just heard it in my head instead of aloud.

Well, you can choose to believe me, or you can think that I’m just crazy (smart money is on the latter). But anyway, I wonder now if my dreams of ventriloquism is really that far from happening. Hehehe. 😉


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