This is what happens when you fake an illness. You get ill.

I kind of wanted to skip the whole cemetery thing yesterday because I’m not very fond of cemeteries, especially crowded ones that are so very far away from where I live. So I kept making up excuses — my throat hurts, I have a headache, I feel sick, etc.

Unfortunately, my parents thought that whatever complaint I had wasn’t that serious so they made me go with them anyway. So I did. But when I got home, suddenly, my excuses started to come true — my throat hurt, I got a headache, and I felt sick.

When I woke up this morning, I could barely get up because my head was killing me. And I had a cold. A really bad one.

So, that’s why I didn’t go to the office today, and spent half the day (or more than half) in bed. 😐 I didn’t get up until 4PM. Haha. And I probably wouldn’t have gotten up if the people at home didn’t force me to eat something. 😐

Gah. I hate being sick.


2 thoughts on “Ill”

  1. Ida! bagong blog nanaman? haha.

    “This is what happens when you fake an illness. You get ill.”
    – ha! Can’t agree more! That happens to me alot way back.
    Punishment yan ng pagsisinugaling! haha. Karma. rofl.

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