About Me

It’s Official. I’m Psychic.

It’s not a joke anymore. I swear to you, I really am! I’ve proven it several times already. Seriously. Unfortunately, it only works when I don’t tell anyone else what I’m thinking (okay, sometimes even if I tell other people, it does come true), so it’ll be really hard to prove to others, but at least now I know, in my heart, when I’m being completely honest with myself, that I really truly am psychic.

Not all the time, of course. I can’t predict when it’s going to rain or when somebody’s going to die. I can’t predict things on command either, as in, if you ask me what’s going to happen tomorrow, I won’t be able to tell you. But there are some things that I can just tell. And the only reasons are either I’m psychic, or the coincidence that what I say/think becomes true just happens really really often.

My officemates are not as enthused as I am. Well, they don’t understand. They haven’t felt psychic powers since they were kids, so the realization that I’m really psychic and not just joking around, is still just a joke to them. They dismissed it quickly when I told them that I was able to guess, without any basis, without any background knowledge or even hints that I got from any member of the event committee, the theme for the Christmas party. And maybe that’s no mean feat if I did it only once, but 3 times?

On my first year at work, I wanted the Christmas party theme to be the 1950’s. I hoped real hard that it would be. The year before that, the theme was movies. Well, I wasn’t part of this company then so I couldn’t have known. But anyway, that year, the theme did happen to be the 1950’s. And I already had an outfit for it, even before they announced the theme.

Last year was just the same. I missed my high school uniform and wanted so much to wear it again, but I’m not in high school anymore, so there’s no reason to wear it. Even before talks about the Christmas party started, I began to think that I may be able to wear my uniform if the theme that year was High School. And guess what, it was. I had already adjusted my old uniform and made the necessary repairs, even before they announced the theme.

Today, just a few minutes ago, they announced the theme for this year’s Christmas party. And I swear, I wanted to shout when I read it. Because it was, exactly what I was hoping for — International Costumes. As in, national costumes of different nations. You see, before I got back from my trip to Japan last December, I bought a yukata. My mom asked me where I would wear it and I figured I’d wear it to an anime event. Unfortunately, I haven’t attended any anime event since January. But I didn’t lose hope, I thought, that if the theme for this year’s Christmas party was something like “Around the World”, then I’d be able to wear it. I even already have the socks and oriental umbrella to match. And this year’s theme turned out to be exactly that!

😯 I’m actually a little freaked out because apart from these Christmas party themes, I’ve been able to predict some scary stuff–not by choice, like I said. I can’t predict things by demand. Hm… Maybe there’s a psychic school where I can learn how to predict things when people ask me to. But just in case you’d like to know, I think I wrote an entry a few months back (I don’t remember when exactly) where I said that I was actually able to tell when my grandparents were going to die. Okay, I wasn’t able to tell the exact dates, but the last time I saw them, I felt something weird, and the thought that popped into my head was that that was the last time that I would see that particular grandmother of mine. And that’s how it was. After that meeting, the next time I would hear about that grandmother would be when my mom tells me that she’s died. This has happened to me, 3 times, too.

Or maybe this is fate playing with me, or maybe it’s like Final Destination and I somehow can see the “design”. It might be the same reason why the guys I like suddenly change seats and end up sitting next to me in class (because this has been happening to me since the 5th grade, so if you’re a guy and you were one of my seatmates in school, odds are, I must’ve liked you then.), and why I’m always unlucky at airports, and why I can see in my head the exact ending scenes of some movies (including camera angle and dialogue — not kidding, this happened with Orapronobis (that was the creepiest incident), Win a Date with Tad Hamilton, and Yours, Mine, Ours) before I watch them, and why the jeepneys I take always stop for gas…

Maybe I have some kind of a “third eye” except, it doesn’t work in the same way the usual third eyes do (as in, it gets you to see ghosts)… Oh great. Now I’m scared.


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