Pre-School, Grade School, High School and College Reunion

I suppose it would’ve been better if I’d just made “School Reunion” the title of this post as that term encompasses my entire student life, but I find “Pre-School Reunion” too cute not to mention and it wouldn’t be fair to the other stages of school if I didn’t mention them as well. Anyway, this post is really about my Friday night which spilled onto Saturday morning and afternoon.

Today, two close friends of mine–J and R are celebrating their birthdays (I actually know two other people celebrating their birthdays, too (which makes a total of four people), but they’re not as close to me as J and R). So last week, J said that she’d treat me and two of our friends for dinner Friday night, and R said she’d treat me and our other friends to lunch on Saturday noon. πŸ˜€

Pre-School to Grade School

I suppose I should introduce them to you all. Again, because apparently I gravitate towards people whose names start with the letter J, I’ll refer to these friends as J1, J2 and J3.

So J1 was my classmate on my first year in school ever — that’s Kindergarten. And when we got to the next year (Prep), we became classmates with J2. In third grade, J3 became our classmate and by the middle of 4th grade, we were as close as ever. Unfortunately, for our 5th grade, the school scrapped the concept of “highest and lowest sections”, shuffling and mixing all the students into same-level classes. J2 and I still ended up in the same section, but J1 and J3 ended up elsewhere. Hence, the beginning of our drifting apart after several years of friendship.

When we got to high school though, J2, J3 and I joined the same club. This I think is the reason why we stayed close even though we weren’t classmates anymore, and why J1 kind of drifted far far away from us. She was in a totally different crowd in high school, and we didn’t even realize it right away that we were actually in the same class in our Junior Year. Anyway, we went to different colleges, too and it was only J2, J3 and I who kept contact.

Last Friday though, J2 invited J1 to our dinner. I don’t even remember the last time J1 and I talked, but when we saw each other last Friday, magically, the conversations just flowed and didn’t end until it was already morning of the next day.

We must’ve reminisced about everything that happened when we were in school — from kindergarten ’til high school graduation. Seriously. I got tired of telling stories, but it was really fun at the same time, learning secrets I never even heard about in high school, and we were able to talk about some present things too, e.g. work, new friends, etc.

I had lots of fun. We sang songs on the magic mic, and looked at our yearbook pictures. And she just mentioned it in passing, but something J1 said really got embedded in my brain. She said that before she left the office that Friday night, her officemates asked her where she was going and she said:

“I’m meeting up with my first ever barkada*.”

*barkada – group of friends

I realized only then that yeah, they are actually the first friends I’ve ever had. I’ve known J1 since I was 4 years old, and J2 since I was 5. We often brag about how long we’ve known each other, but it’s actually only now that I realized they’re my first friends. Imagine that.

High School

High School Musical 3: Senior Year opened in cinemas last Friday, too. And my friend M and I being big fans (Yes, we’re big fans and we’re not ashamed to admit it. Got a problem with that?), we scheduled to watch it with our friends on Saturday afternoon.

This isn’t going to be a review of the movie. Because I liked it so much, I just can’t bring myself to write about it. I’m afraid I’m going to ruin it somehow with my inadequate writing skills. But I will say this — I liked it A LOT. In my opinion, it was the perfect way to end the series. And yes, I’m saying “end the series” because I don’t want something like a “College Years/College Musical” popping up just because there’s still demand for the story/actors. I’ve heard that there’s going to be a High School Musical 4, but I also heard that it’s not going to have the same characters in it. As in, no more Troy and Gabriella, nor any of Sharpay’s drama. Now, this could be more interesting than a “college years” special, but the writers will have to be very careful, or they’ll end up having something as sucky as that Pocahontas II: Journey to a New World crap. I’m honestly doubtful they’re going to come up with anything interesting, but I am glad, that they managed to make the current wildcats last year in high school go so seamlessly. πŸ™‚


And maybe you’ve already guessed it, but the ones I went to see HSM3 with are my friends from college. R is a college friend and so is M, and so R said she’d treat us to lunch on the day that M invited us to see HSM3.

Again, we reminisced about college days, and told lots of stories. And I had lots of fun, too. This Saturday was just full of reminiscences about school, I can’t help but think of HSM3’s perfect timing. I’ve always liked school. I hated college the most because the lessons are hardest and the university I went to is very, er, impersonal, but I think I’m quite lucky to have found the friends I did because they’re actually pretty rare people in our school.

I hate to agree to the cliche, especially because people might really believe me since I was an actual student in that particualr university, but seriously, most people in it really are party people who got in just because their parents have the money to get them in. So yeah, I’m happy to have found the rare gems that my friends are because they’re the few people who disprove that cliche. They’re not party people, we all got in because we actually passed the entrance exam, and we’re definitely not rich kids. And I’m happy to say that they’re the only reasons I can say that I had “some” fun in college at all. If I’d made friends with my other blockmates, I imagine I’d be even angstier about my college years. Considering how angsty I already am, I gather no one’s going to want to see that. Not even me.

Anyway, back to what I was saying, I really did love school. Even when the professors got mad and I never got any sleep working on a paper due in a few hours, I was kind of happy about it. It’s fun to learn new things, and having events like Linggo ng Wika, and food fests, and field trips and proms balances out all those demerits for wearing a skirt that’s too long, or being asked to face the wall at the back of the classroom… I guess saying this will make people think that I really am a loser, but the truth is, I feel bad for people who didn’t like their school years. I read a post in Chico Garcia’s blog saying that he doesn’t miss school at all and that he really can’t relate when people reminisce about their days as students. Everyone’s entitled to their own opinions of course, and I guess school isn’t really for everybody, but I really do feel bad for him. I think, he has no idea what he missed.

This is a usual joke to people who aren’t adventurous in trying new things, but this time I’m dead serious about it–school is probably the only thing that if you missed, or maybe didn’t enjoy, I would really think that you missed “half of your life”.


3 thoughts on “Pre-School, Grade School, High School and College Reunion”

  1. even jumie was reminscing about school days.

    powtek. ako nalang yata ang hindi pa nakaka-nood ng HSM3. (kasi naman yung kapatid ko, she watched it with her friends. Eh I have no-one else to watch it with. Unless Joyce…. hehe)

    I have to have a gradeschool, highschool, college post as well! (no preschool for me because I BARELY remember anything about it. Highschool practically dominates the best part of my memory. (maybe I could add med-school… but that’s just like college.)

    Chico should ask God to reincarnate him for a second shot at enjoying school.

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