About Me

Cars and Me

Here’s something else about me: I’m not a car person.

I guess my biggest excuse is that I’m not a guy, but I know a lot of girls who are into cars, so it’s not really a valid excuse anymore. I don’t know, I just was never interested in the stuff. I can’t drive. (I’m too scared to drive.) So when I’m in a car, I’m always just in the passenger seat. And well, from there, I just don’t see any difference between one car and another.

Once, I was in a car with my friends. One of them, is one of the girls I know who is really really into cars. Anyway, we were looking for a parking space and she kept pointing them out in terms of the cars around them, i.e. “There’s one right there! Between the civic and the corolla.” or “That one beside the accord is empty!”

Lucky for her, our friend who was driving, is kind of into cars, too. So she was able to tell which spaces she meant. As for me, I was totally clueless. What the heck is the difference between a civic and a corolla? And an accord? They all look the same to me. And I totally could not understand why she couldn’t just have said the colors of the cars, since that’s the more obvious description. Or maybe that’s only the most obvious one to me.

Earlier today, my mom called and asked me what the plate number of our car was. I asked her which one, and she said the Honda one. It took me a few seconds to think about it, and then I realized I could not remember which of our cars is the Honda one. I had to ask her what color it was before I knew which plate number to give her. I know, the world shouldn’t adjust itself to make things easier for me, but really, am I the only one who thinks it’s the colors of the car that’s easiest to notice (and remember)?


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