Are You Threatening Me?

This is what happens when you lack sleep.

I received a text message from my cellphone service provider today about one of their promos. And because I’m not in the right mind, I read “TREAT” as “THREAT”. Don’t ask me where the H came from. It was just there when I read it. So instead, the message, to me, went like this:

G-THREATS! An exclusive Postpaid privelege.
G-THREATS is completely FREE!
Want to know the surprise prize each day?
Text THREATS to 2346 for free daily updates.

😯 And yes, I got to the end of the message before I figured I should start over to understand what it really meant. Before I read it again and realized the word was actually TREATS, about a gazillion thoughts popped in my head, including: Why in the world would anyone want a surprise threat?! What kind of threat would they give? Are they going to act on those threats or are they just threats? Is this to promote a horror movie? 😯

Crazy crazy.


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