Seal the Planets with Magic

(L-R) Me, Kai, Queen and Marella at EK Entrance
(L-R) Me, Kai, Queen and Marella at EK Entrance

Don’t bother yourself trying to understand the title of this post. I don’t understand it either. I’m not even sure if that’s exactly the phrase I heard, but that’s definitely what it sounded like. And I can’t think of any other words that sound like that, that make sense.

That’s one of the descriptions they use in Enchanted Kingdom when they announce that the fireworks are about to start. I figure whoever wrote it must’ve been feeling poetic, though a bit high since he/she used stuff like “paint the sky” and lots of inserts of the word “amazing”. I’m too mean. I can’t even remember the exact announcement. But it just didn’t make that much sense to me. For one thing, it began with “Another highlight of the night’s entertainment will start in a few minutes.” But it failed to specify what the first highlight of the night was. And seriously, who in the right mind would want to seal the planets?! I don’t even know how they’d go about it, even with magic!

Petty stuff aside though, I actually had lots and lots of fun at Enchanted Kingdom today. (Technically yesterday/last night.) The park’s hardly changed since the last time I went there several years ago, but I didn’t get bored at all. I guess it’s because I was with people whom I haven’t gone there with before– my teammates in the office.

We’ve been planning a team outing forever, but it always gets canceled due to weird reasons. It’s only now when it was a semi-spur-of-the-moment thing that it actually pushed through. Although I’m tempted to say at this point that isn’t that what usually happens anyway? (There was a time when my college and friends I were also planning on going to the beach but it kept getting canceled and we ended up in Enchanted Kingdom, too.)Β  I sort of find it hard to believe that we really did get to go to the park though because it was raining real hard when we left Manila. Luckily, Sta. Rosa Laguna is far enough from the city such that when we got there, it wasn’t even drizzling.

I guess I could write about the rides we took and how they felt and all that, but that park is just so old I don’t think I’ve got anything new to say. Except that I still had fun, despite having gone there several times before, and being with my teammates who I see everyday. A change of venue can really change a lot of things. I mean, we were all in “vacation mode” without our black slacks and collared shirts, and everyone was a lot more fun to hangout with than when we’re all just in the pantry having our lunch break.

Or, okay, I’ll write about the rides we took, but just to compare them with how they used to be:

Space Shuttle – It could just be my imagination, but the duration of this one seems faster somehow, especially when it gets to the top– it doesn’t hold you in suspension for too long, or as long as it used to. Or is that because there was a recent incident (just this year I think) of kids getting stuck there because of a malfunction? To tell you the truth, the real reason why I was hesitant to ride this was because of that news item– I’m not afraid of roller coasters really, but I am definitely afraid of a ride that I know has malfunctioned several times before (3, according to the news report).

Rio Grande Rapids – Is it just me again, or is there less water in this one than when it opened several years ago? Seriously, when I first rode it with my sister and her friends, all of us got completely wet. But this time, at most, only three of the people in the raft got partially wet.

Wheel of Fate – This one, definitely, was moving slower than usual. Although my teammate said that it might be because the wind was strong so moving it any faster might be dangerous. Fine with me. Safety should always be first. πŸ™‚

Rialto – The feature this time was a short episode of Spongebob Squarepants, and though I’m not a big fan of his, I would have to say that this was one of the better things they’ve played in the Rialto in a long time. Ever since they stopped showing White Thunder — that’s the car chase by the way, and it was one of the first stuff they played when they were newly opened. I personally think it’s still the best and am hoping for a rerun. I think they stopped it because it scares the kids too much, though.

Anchors Away – Definitely my favorite ride in the park! But it seemed less exciting/scary than the last time I rode it. Somehow the swing seems too low and too quickly over. Or maybe that’s because it was nighttime when we rode this and so it wasn’t all that obvious just how high up we were. Note to self: Always ride this in the daytime.

Milkshakes – No, this isn’t a ride. But I’ve always loved the milkshakes they make at the shop near the Rialto, and I’m happy to say they’re still as delicious as I remember them. πŸ˜€ (This is actually what I like the most about Enchanted Kingdom.)

This was a really fun Saturday. I’m not saying I’m going to Enchanted Kingdom every chance I get from now on. I probably won’t go there until after another few years (who knows, I may not even go back at all), maybe when they add more rides or change some of them. But I’m happy I got to know my teammates a little better and that I made good memories today. πŸ™‚


1 thought on “Seal the Planets with Magic”

  1. My favorites would be Space Shuttle and Anchors Away. I was in the queue for the Space Shuttle for like an hour, and the ride was over in two minutes 😦 But I love the thrill and excitement!

    (PS: This was four years ago :D)

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