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The Downside to Eavesdropping

Disclaimer: I wasn’t actually eavesdropping. I just overheard some people talking. I just call this “the downside to eavesdropping” because I figure it’ll annoy more the people who do eavesdrop since they’re making an effort to hear the people around them, whereas those who merely overhear conversations didn’t choose to listen, and so cannot be held responsible for what they’ve heard.

Anyway, I overheard this conversation earlier and realized I should have just drowned out their voices. Because the downside to eavesdropping is that, you get to hear really really useless corny stuff.

Girl 1: Uy, may kwento pala ako. Totoo ‘to, walang biro. Nangyari talaga sa friend ko.
Girl 2: Ano ‘yon?
Girl 1: Kasi ‘yung friend ko, ‘yung anak niya may allergies. Totoo talaga ‘to ‘ah. So may allergies ‘yung anak niya, so tinanong niya ‘yung friend niya kung anong gagawin.
Girl 2: Anong sabi nung friend niya?
Girl 1: Sabi nung friend niya, and no joke, ito talaga sinabi niya, “Lagyan mo ‘yung rashes ng Nissan.”
Girl 2: (blank stare)
Girl 1: Sabi niya Nissan, pero ang ibig niyang sabihin Fissan, ‘yung pulbos na pang-allergy. Grabe, ‘yun talaga sinabi niya. Sinabi niya talaga Nissan!
Me: (very softly) Huh?! 😐

At this point I did drown out the conversation by humming whatever closest tune I could get my ears on. Was that the lamest story ever or what? I actually don’t mind too much that it’s lame. I have a feeling it’s one of those “you had to be there” moments, and that’s why it didn’t make too much of an impact to me. What I find really really lame though, is how Girl 1 seemed like she was telling her friend the secrets of the world, when the story she was telling wasn’t even remotely interesting!

Wait– is that what I’m doing right now? Writing this entry when my story isn’t all that interesting? Great. I guess we’re all guilty of telling lame stories. I just hope my stories are never that lame.

[edit: 02-Oct-2008]

So I heard the same girl telling some people earlier…

They don’t have background music? Well, why don’t they just grab John*? He can play his guitar so they can sing acapella!”

Er… Is it just me, or isn’t acapella the kind of singing where there’s no background music whatsoever? (Not even a guitar?) Yeah yeah, I shouldn’t judge her. We all make mistakes after all.

*John – not his real name.


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