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My Happy Birthday Entry

I just realized that I never wrote anything about my birthday this year. So I’m going to write something about it now, one week later.

My sister said I could come and visit her in New Zealand and my birthday was the nearest occasion that we could think of as a reason to do something special (like go to another country). Hence, I went to New Zealand and stayed there for two weeks even though my birthday is just for a day. Anyway, I spent the day itself by going to the zoo.

(So I might post pictures later. At the moment however, I’m too lazy to upload the pictures from my camera.)

The zoo in Wellington is really nice. A bit small, but I think it’s just right. Who’d want a zoo (or any other place) that’s too big to finish seeing in a day, after all? And the animals are all very entertaining anyway. I saw a sun bear (this is the smallest kind of bear in the world), lion, tiger, giraffe, kangaroo, red panda (aka red fox), pelican and several different kinds of monkeys. There are more animals than that, particularly different species of birds but I can’t remember them much. I went there alone because my sister had to work (my birthday was on a weekday after all) but I still had fun watching the animals and taking pictures.

After the zoo I met my sister in the city and we passed by the grocery store to buy me a cake and some candles.

And then, we went to dinner at a place called Hog’s Breath Cafe. I know, the name’s so weird, right? But it actually had really good steak. 😀 When we got back to her apartment, we did the whole “blowing of candles” thing, complete with the birthday song. We took some pictures, although it’s only now that I realize that we didn’t take a video of me blowing the candles on the cake. But then again, there’s nothing new about that scene, and it’s not like it was a big party that had a lot of people singing and waiting for me to blow the candles. I didn’t even make a wish (though that’s not really all that common a practice for people from the Philippines).

Still, I had a lot of fun that day despite its simplicity.

First, I haven’t been to the zoo in a long time, and it was fun to see animals I don’t see everyday.

Second, I got to travel alone. Sure, it was just a 15-minute bus ride from my sister’s place to the zoo, but any small bit of independence I think helps me improve as a person, so I like to think that I matured, even a little bit, because of that short trip.

Last, this year’s celebration of my birthday is unlike how I celebrated it in the previous years. See, back when I turned 16, I decided I would do something different for my birthday on the next years to come. And since then, I’ve done the following:

17 – merienda at home with my high school friends
18 – big dinner party at a hotel with the 18 roses and 18 candles business
19 – lunch at TGIFriday’s with my grade school friends and 5th grade English teacher (we’re close)
20 – girls only lunch at TGIFriday’s
21 – videoke night at home with high school and college friends
22 – movie night with best friends and college barkada (John Tucker Must Die, Glorietta 4)
23 – theme-park rides at Festival Mall with a few close friends, and

24 – trip to the zoo and dinner with my sister in Wellington

[Okay, allow me to gloat for a while — I can’t believe I remember all those celebrations! It actually took me a while to enumerate all of them here.]

And here I was worried at the beginning of this year that I had run out of ideas on how to celebrate my birthday… I wonder what the heck I’m going to think of for next year? 😉

14 thoughts on “My Happy Birthday Entry”

  1. Better put this here because I might forget:

    25 – Went to Book Fair at SMX w/ my then-officemate KC and then went home to watch The Big Bang Theory w/ J and E.

    26 – AVeneto dinner at Glorietta 3 w/ my closest from grade school, high school and college (actually it was just M from college)

    1. 27 – Peñafrancia Fiesta celebration @ my aunt’s house in New Zealand! – with my sister, her husband-to-be (at the time, he’s now her actual husband), my parents and brother, and all our friends who live in New Zealand, too.

          1. 31 – coffee afternoon and fancy dinner party
            32 – yum char @ wellington cbd with my sister and her family, penafrancia fiesta celebration, bonus: fan signs from friends in the phils posted on facebook by m
            33 – yakiniku (among other things- trip to the zoo, cable car ride, shrine/temple visit, etc.) in shizuoka, japan with my boyfriend ❤ (last edited: 15.Nov.2017)

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