My Almost Really Really Big Mistake

So here I was going around telling people I’d be back and in the office by Wednesday, and at the same time telling other people that I won’t be leaving until Wednesday.

It’s a good thing my sister didn’t go to work today and checked my schedule in the morning, otherwise we might never have realized our stupid mistake — I’m leaving NZ on Tuesday, NOT Wednesday!

And because it’s already Monday now, that means I only have a few hours to finish all my shopping needs and pack my stuff and say my goodbyes (okay, the last one is optional. I’ve already said goodbye to all the aunts I have here, and other than my sis, there isn’t really anyone else I need to say goodbye to). Still, I can’t believe how stupid I was to get the dates mixed up. It’s a good thing I realized it before it was too late, or I might have just missed my flight back home 😯 which is of course, not a good thing.

Anyway, so yeah, it’s my last day here and I’ll be back home by Wednesday. I’m sure of it now. Unless of course, you know, the airport closes on me again. It wouldn’t be the first time.


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