My Airport Story for Today

So, you may already know that I’m at the moment in New Zealand (visiting my sister, I’m not here for good). You may also already know that I’m unlucky when it comes to flying (as in by airplane). For those of you who don’t know that yet, well, I just said it.

Anyway, my airport story for today goes like this: my flight left the Philippines on September 9. Unfortunately, that’s also the first day that a new computer system was implemented at Qantas, hence there are still some bugs they need to work out.

That’s the reason why when I got to the Sydney airport, there was a problem with my boarding pass. Apparently, the airline’s network link to Asia (or maybe just the Philippines) was wigging out so when the crew in the Philippines assigned me a seat, they didn’t know that that seat had already been given to someone else. (I think that’s the reason, I couldn’t really understand what they were explaining, but when they finally let me enter the plane, they made me go to a different seat than was indicated in my boarding pass). I was actually the last passenger to board the plane then, but when I got to my seat, finally, the plane didn’t go yet.

And there wouldn’t be anything happening until after an hour, when the captain tells everyone to disembark. Yes, disembark. Because they could apparently smell some burned wire, but couldn’t find out where it was, so they made all the passengers leave so they could inspect the plane more thoroughly.

It’s actually my first time to disembark a plane. So, there’s at least an experience I haven’t done before. 😐

Anyway, upon disembarkation, they gave us food vouchers that can be used in the food establishments in the airport. When I told my sister about this, she said, “Well that’s cool. The airport in Sydney has lots of places to get food. They have a breakfast buffet even!” to which I answered, “Yeah, on normal days.”

You see, the Sydney airport is currently under construction. As a result, there are only 3 operating food establishments, and the breakfast buffet is nowhere to be found. So yeah, the lines were long, and there were less places to sit down since all us passengers of the flight had to eat, I mean, you don’t of course, let a 20AUD voucher go to waste. At least, I don’t.

2 hours later, we were able to board the plane and the flight attendant said, “Let’s try this again.” before she announced “Welcome again to Qantas Flight…”

Since there was still food on the plane, and I had some food left over from the ones I bought with the voucher, I think I ended up eating enough to last me the next 3 days. 😯 Of course, when I got to Wellington, because I arrived 2 hours later than planned, my sister was already hungry and we ate again.

No problem with eating really, except gaining weight, which I’m not particularly fond of. But anyway, that’s my airport story for today. I’m sure a lot of other people have experienced worse hassles in their flights– the worst being having your plane hijacked by terrorists and then running it into a building. The anniversary of that happens to fall on this day (purely by coincidence, I didn’t notice it until I remembered that today is my friends’ birthdays). So this entry is really because I’m grateful that nothing serious (like a crash landing) happened to me. So maybe my bad luck isn’t really all that bad after all. 🙂

Totally unrelated, but I wanted to mention:

HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY to fellow Septies (that’s people born in September, I just made it up) Lessa and Daniel!! 😀


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