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Bigger Plans

Like a scene straight from fanfiction, the Eraserheads Reunion Concert was stopped abruptly as the vocalist had to be rushed to the hospital due to some heart problems.

Of course, I was saddened by what happened. And it’s not really because I don’t feel like I got my money’s worth, but because so many circumstances had kept this concert from running smoothly, and the difficulties didn’t go away until the end. 😦

Assuming this was a real fanfic (<– that’s my first time to use an oxymoron), and I was the writer, I’d anticipate many hate comments being sent to me by now. Or if not hate, then perhaps sorrowful, but most probably not positive reviews. And I would probably defend myself by saying that this sad scene/event had to happen, so that the finale of the story will be a lot bigger, and a lot better than anything that’s previously happened in the story. However, this is reality, and the writer of reality is, well, God.

Personally, I like to believe that the reason the concert that everyone’s (at least, almost everyone I know) been waiting to happen ended the way it did, is because just like a fanfic writer, God is setting us (his audience) up for a big plot twist that leads to a Wow Finish. I only hope that God will give everyone a happy ending.

Just like a lot of people I know, my feelings towards this concert have been mixed from the beginning. It was publicized firstly by cryptic messages on the internet, and then it generated about a hundred or more rumours, which made people think that it might not actually happen. And the only time it was really really really confirmed to be true was 3 days before the event itself when they started selling tickets.

I didn’t know whether to boycott the event or not. I’m not a big fan of the tobacco industry so I didn’t want to be a part of anything connected to them. And I’m not into last-minute events either, so I didn’t really want to buy tickets for something that would probably be disorganized from the lack of time the organizers have. The reason I didn’t like the most, though, was the thought that the band members probably aren’t really doing the concert for themselves, or even for the fans. Somehow I felt that they were forced into the situation, and that they figured that it would be more difficult for them to resist, so they decided to just go with it. I didn’t want something like that. I didn’t want to see them do something that their hearts aren’t set on. I felt guilty for wanting them to reunite, when it seems that they’re not all that ready for a reunion. So I thought I wouldn’t take part in any of it. But… on the days before the concert, I could see the venue being set-up, every time I looked out my office window. And I would hear everyone around me talking about it. Inside my own head, old songs would play, and memories would come flashing back. And I would think to myself, that I just can’t miss a historical event that I have a chance to be a part of. In the end, I wasn’t able to resist.

Now I’m glad I bought a ticket and went to it. Nevermind that they didn’t get to play all the songs they planned to play. I don’t want to get too sentimental, but music, it gives everyone hope, doesn’t it? And the fact that the concert really happened makes me hope that next time, all the issues, all the things that went wrong, would go right. If things really do have a way of working themselves out, this is definitely one of those things that should happen to.


3 thoughts on “Bigger Plans”

  1. no regrets that i went. i mean, i felt like the money i’ve spent was worth every single second i’ve been there.

    yun nga lang it’s sad kasi pilit on the part of ely, i was expecting a leeway.

    pero grabe, i was in tears listening to all the songs. haaaaaay sa uulitin.

  2. Those were very interesting comments you have there about “fan fiction”, “plots” and “twists”.

    Yeah. I admit I was happy about the news when I first heard about it but then, like many others, I also had my hesitations about their motives.

    But yup. The ending of the concert was really something that shocked the rest of us but what just happened simply proves that the Heads are really doing it for the love of music and for the love of the fans.

    I mean look at Raymund – he was giving his all for every song. And of course, look at Ely. He had a bad health and his mom just passed away a few days ago but he still went for it. Its really a sign of strength and love to see him stand there sing his hearts out, strapped with a guitar.

    A lot of negative things have happened before the said reunion but I think the positive thing here is that the Heads will be closer with each other because of what happened.

  3. generally speaking, im not fond of concerts. but I am a fan of eheads, but then… i was poor. sayang yung concert, pero it just made the eheads far more dear in everyone’s hearts.

    malay natin, may next time. (at sana, may pera na ako nun. gastadora kasi.)

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