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Chasing Buses

I chased after a bus the other day. Literally. As in, I ran as fast as I could and hoped against hope that my running is fast enough to catch up with a moving vehicle. Of course it isn’t. I shouted as loud as I could too, to get the attention of the driver. And of course, my voice wasn’t loud enough either. Despite all my efforts, the bus kept going, leaving me with no choice but to stop running, and walk back towards the stupid bus stop, where the stupid bus didn’t stop, with a sad face.

I wish I could tell you that the reason for this incident is something that telenovela writers would write about, but it’s not. It’s actually as simple as, it was really late, and I wanted to go home. Yeah, the scarcity/inefficiency of public transportation in the Philippines can really make you do crazy things, huh? The only thing that keeps me from being embarrassed about what I did is that that was nighttime, and there weren’t any people around. Okay, I was with my friend at the time, but it’s okay to do stupid/crazy things in front of her, we’re friends anyway.

The thing is, that wasn’t actually the first time I ran after a bus. Several times, from farther distances and with less-sensible shoes on, I’ve run after the bus that passes by in front of my office building, and for the same reason — because my small voice and small frame can’t get the driver’s attention for him to stop for me. Maybe I should start bringing a big sign with an arrow pointing towards my head that says “PASSENGER”.

I think I have this problem because buses are big, as opposed to jeepneys and cabs which are smaller and so the drivers see pedestrians more easily. I wonder if all short people have experienced this. And if they have, what do they do about it? I don’t know anyone else who’s chased after a bus. Do you?

3 thoughts on “Chasing Buses”

  1. i wouldnt call myself short. and i rarely use the bus. but im pretty good at chasing public transportation. (in tight pencil cut UST skirts, ha.) and i have a very “kalye” attitude when i commute.

    okay that didnt have anything to do with your question. wala lang!

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