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Is he my type?

Had lots of fun reading this at Xee’s blog. And now here’s my own version:

* Suplado. Basta hindi lagi.

* Mr. Shades. Not really. Feeling ko kaya siya nag-sha-shades kasi ‘di siya gwapo ‘pag kita buong mukha niya. 😎

* Masculado. Nah. Dapat ‘yung tamang build lang.

* Guys who give flowers. Yep! Love flowers! Flowers are <3!

* Smiling face. Sure.

* Hiphop. NO!

* Guys who ask permission before courting. No! That’s the most useless question to ask a girl!

* Has earring/s. Basta hindi lalampas sa lima.

* Chewed bubblegum. ‘Wag lang lagi. At ‘wag ‘yung maingay ang pag-chew.

* Long-hair. Not really. I’m more partial to clean-cut guys. But, kung bagay naman sa kanya ang long hair ‘eh ‘di okey lang. BUT if hindi bagay sa kanya, tapos pa-cool lang siya, then definitely not!

* Bald. No! Mukhang ex-convict!

* Antipatiko. Of course not!

* Torpe. Yup! I like shy boys! Hehehe! Masaya silang asarin!

* Computer-games addict. Oo naman.

* Basketball player. No! Any sport BUT basketball!

* Mr. Count-my-ex’s-till-you-drop. AKA Commitment-phobic? Never!

* Mestizo. Okey lang, but not really.

* Guys who sing well. Not Josh Groban-level well. But I’d definitely prefer if he could sing in tune. Of course if he couldn’t, I’d probably have fun teasing him too. 😉

* Quiet/tame. Yeah! Masaya rin sila asarin! (Basta ‘wag pikon!)

* Cum laude. Basta hindi masyadong mayabang at hindi ipapamukha sa’kin na cum laude siya at ako hindi.

* Formal. As long as he knows when to be formal and when not to be.

* Friendly. Yeah. So at least one of us is friendly.

* Mr. I Have An Opinion About Anything & Everything. As long as his opinions are really opinions and NOT complaints or racist/discriminatory comments disguised as opinions.

* Motorcycle guy. No!

* Rocker. Yep!

* Skate boarder. In-line skater na lang, pwede? 😉

* Alaskador (prankster). Basta hindi slapstick. And as long as he knows when to stop.

* Flirt. NO! NO! And NO!

* Mr. Campus Crush. 😐 I don’t like them.

* Bigotilyo. Eh? Not really.

* Painter. Yup! (Pwede rin kahit ibang medium, as in charcoal kunwari, or chalk, pencil, ballpoint pen, mixed media, basta artist.)

* Galante. Ok lang.

* Mr. Love Letter. Yes! It would be nice to get replies to letters that I’m sure to write.

* Maporma. Nah. The quirkier the outfit, the cuter! (Note: When I say “quirky” I don’t mean “baduy”, ok?)

* Talks Too Much. Don’t like! I should talk more than he does! Hehe.

* Soccer Hottie. Oh definitely! Lalo kung si Nakatsu (character from Hana Kimi, look him up)!

* Anti-Christ. Of course not!

* Mama’s Boy. Hmm… Maybe not…

* Hangs Out With His Friends A Lot. Yeah I guess. This is better than some creepy loner.

* Mysterious Guy. Yup. I love mysteries. (Note: Mysterious Guy is different from I-Keep-Everything-a-Secret-because-I-don’t-trust-anyone Guy, ok?)

* Cute Idiot. No! Don’t like idiots! Not even when they’re cute!

* Guitarist. Pwede na rin. But guitarists are a dime a dozen in the Philippines, so it’d be nice if he knows how to play another instrument, like maybe the drums. Or the violin.

* Wide Vocabulary Guy. Yes! Because I am Narrow Vocabulary Girl.

* Loves you. Aba dapat lang!

* Tennis guy. Maybe. If Baskeball Guy and Tennis Guy were the only two guys left in the world, then I’d choose Tennis Guy. But if Soccer / Baseball / Hockey Guy is still available, then it’s bye bye Tennis Guy.

* Dark skin. By “dark” do you mean moreno? Ok ‘yun. 🙂

* Tall. Yup! (Although most guys are taller than me anyway.)

* Chubby. I’m with Xee on this one: I prefer lanky to chubby. (Because chubby is NOT EQUAL to healthy, and that means he has a shorter life span.)

* Hairy. Doesn’t really matter.

* Smoker. (I added this category because I think it should be present.) DEFINITELY NOT! Smokers are killers– of people and of the environment!

Wheee!! That was fun! 😀 Hehehe. I hope there are more surveys like this. 🙂 BTW, all of this is of course null and void when you apply it to celebrities (i.e. Takeshi Yasutoko, Sorimachi Takashi, etc.). Celebrities are always exceptions to my rules. 😉 Hehehe.


7 thoughts on “Is he my type?”

  1. this is cute!! speaking of smokers.. maybe i hang out with a lot of smokers before or siguro most of the ppl back in college are smokers na pag may nakilala akong hindi smoker (na guy at least) nagugulat ako. hehe.. and oh. sunshine and his friend are not smokers…

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