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Radyo Drama

On my way to the office this morning, my Dad and I were listening to some news on the radio. (Actually he was listening, I just happened to be there.) Anyway, an interview with Mindanao’s Commander Bravo was on. They were asking him about the hostage situation and other chaotic events in their region, and basically, Commander Bravo was denying that he and his group had anything to do with the burning houses nor the hostages. Anyway, it’s not a laughing matter definitely, but he did say something that totally made me and my dad laugh.

Reporter: Pero ‘yung tungkol ho sa mga sibilyan na namatay, ‘yung mga inosenteng tao, ano hong masasabi n’yo?

Commander Bravo: Ah, matagal na kaming hindi pumapatay ng mga sibilyan.

My dad and I burst into laughter. I didn’t even hear anymore what else was talked about after that because we were goofing around with the other things he could’ve said, like, “Matagal na kaming hindi pumapatay ng sibilyan. Namimiss na nga namin ‘eh! Mabuti pinaalala mo, ‘no?”

The world is crazy crazy. @_@


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