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Silly Little Kid

Haha. So some of our old home videos just got converted to DVD from the old VHS tapes and my dad was watching one of them earlier. There was one video where our family was at the beach. I was around 9 years old then.

Anyway, my dad was holding the camera and I ran towards him and said very enthusiastically:

“Good morning! This is Ida reporting live from–from—” I paused. “San ba, Papa, nasan ba tayo?”

Hahahahaha! My dad must’ve laughed because he didn’t say anything. But I wasn’t finished, I followed it up with:

“From… the beach!” I said and gave the camera my big toothy grin.

Silly kid. Pretending to be a reporter, when she didn’t even know where she was. Ahehehe… Those were the days.


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