Fanfic Moments

For those of you who don’t know, “fanfic” is short for “fan fiction”, which is the genre that the stories fans make based on their favorite books/tv series/movies/anime/actor/etc fall under. The genre is I guess, fueled by overactive imaginations of fangirls and fanboys, who aren’t satisfied with canon stories and events. Personally, I’m a big fan of fanfiction, because I think it’s a burden for just one author to think of all the possibilities that all the characters in his/her story can be involved in. If fans can contribute, even unofficially, and only on the internet, I’m not against it. I’m never against good ideas anyway. But anyway, the reason I’m calling this “fanfic moments”, or the reason I call some events “fanfic moments” instead of “movie moments” or “teleserye moments” is because in the movies and teleserye, no matter how dramatic and surreal they get, since they’re official and they have a specific audience and there are entities that censor them and stuff, they’re still pretty controlled, or standard. They’re still not as wild as the fanfiction that would spring up a few months after a book is published. Or maybe some of them are, there are many great writers out there after all, but anyway, it’s my prerogative to call this whatever I want, so I actually didn’t need to explain all that. Hehehe.

Wait, I haven’t even defined what a “fanfic moment” is. This is just my own definition, by the way. And I’m not claiming to own this phrase or whatever. Anyway, for me, a fanfic moment is those moments in real life that make you feel like you’re just a character in a fanfiction story. It’s when something unbelievable happens to you, and you wonder if someone (other than God or fate) has actually orchestrated everything, so the moment in your life, the scene in your lifestory, would be picture perfect.

I just wanted to write about this now because I was listening to a Michelle Branch song earlier and remembered what happened to my friend on her 18th birthday. It was such a fanfic moment, I want to share it with you all:

My friend L’s 18th birthday was a semi-formal party. We wore dresses and high heels, and the guys wore ties and polished leather shoes. But it was a lot of fun, not at all boring and stiff like some formal parties. For one thing, there were games. And one of the games, went like this:

The emcee asks something about the birthday celebrant, e.g. “What is L’s favorite color?” and the guests, sitting in a circle (there were only a few guests, 20 tops) would guess. Whoever gets it right, gets a prize. Sometimes though, the answers aren’t something specific, and the one who gives the best answer (L would be the judge of that of course), gets the prize.

One round went like this: the question asked was,

“If you were to plan L’s perfect date, what would you want to happen?”

So we all said the usual things– walks on the beach, dinner by candlelight, etc. etc. and then the microphone was passed to J, the guy who at the time, L really really liked.

“So J,” the emcee says, “what would you want to happen on L’s perfect date?”

“Well…” J starts. “I’d want her to be with me.”


After the shock subsided, we all clapped of course, and the requisite “Yiheeee” was thrown around. And of course, he won that round. But it was such a fanfic moment that even now, several years later, I’m still reeling with delight over it. Or maybe I’m just too sentimental, still living in the past, when things like these still happened. If anyone’s curious to know, despite all the fanfic moments they had, L and J never “officially” got together in real life, and aren’t really all that close now. ๐Ÿ˜

Although somehow, despite knowing the reality of what happened after such moments, I still feel somewhat comforted when I think about how these fanfic moments can happen in real life. No matter how few they are, no matter how quick and fleeting, still, I have seen for myself, that they really do exist.


2 thoughts on “Fanfic Moments”

  1. Im planning to unearth the ancient drawer where J’s memories lie and burn them the next time my dad’s 2nd cousin takes out the paper trash.

    I’m coming clean. I’ve hated him for years and not once did I ever wish him happiness.

    kaya siguro ayaw ni God ipadala sakin soulmate ko. kasi deep inside, I’m a bad person who wishes ill on other people.

    that’s why i thought it’s time to repent and forgive myself for hating. it’s time to forgive myself for FAILING.

    “our” fan fic was meant to be on paper only. Materialize and it goes poof. that’s why the papers have to burn.

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