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Something Funny Said After a CSI Episode

Sorry for the spoilers, but anyway…

So the episode was about this big shot retired football player who had been murdered in his apartment. Stabbed with a knife on the neck, although the murder weapon was nowhere to be found when CSI entered the picture. (I’m talking about an episode of CSI Miami, by the way. I don’t normally watch it, but my parents were watching and I had nothing better to do that Sunday afternoon.) After a long investigation, they find out that the football player’s mistress was the one who put the knife into him. But she got scared and ran off before taking it out. She left it in him, and because she stabbed him in a weird way, the stab didn’t actually kill him. It paralyzed him, but it didn’t kill him. What actually killed him was the loss of blood, that happened only when the knife was taken out. So the next thing they had to figure out was who took out the knife, and actually killed the football player.

His wife was the main suspect. She was one of the first people to see him after he was stabbed after all. So CSI questioned her, told her that she probably took the knife out because they were having marriage problems and that her husband was more useful to her dead than alive. She confessed to the murder, and to having hidden the knife before CSI got to the crime scene.

The episode ended with her confession, but as soon as the credits started, my mom wrinkled her nose.

“But it’s so easy to get away with what she did! She only took the knife out of his body, she didn’t stab him. She can just say that she didn’t know taking the knife out would kill him, she’s not a doctor after all,” she said. “If that were me, I wouldn’t have confessed.”

I looked at her, then at my dad, and then at her again. And then I laughed. “Well, that’s good to know,” I said.

My dad shook his head in silent laughter.

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