Jealous Jealous


So, not only am I the laziest girl in the world, I am the most jealous girl as well. But… but… with the kind of brother I have, who wouldn’t be jealous?!?!

My brother just posted pictures of his latest trip:

He went to South Korea (and stayed at a 5-star hotel to boot!)!! 😥 And okay, it’s not really at the top of my list to go to Korea, but… I’m still so jealous!! He’s already working in Tokyo, and he gets to go to Korea on the summer holidays too? It’s so unfair!

I can’t even afford to buy that pretty pretty bracelet I saw on a multiply site! 😥 (Note: It’s only Php540, Php610 if you count the shipping fee. Yes, I’m a cheapskate, but it’s also because I have very little money in the bank.)

I know, I know. It’s pointless to compare yourself with others. You’ll just end up hating yourself. There will always be people smarter, nicer, better-looking, blah blah blah than you. But right now I just want to sour grape because I’m just so jealous. 😥 I wish I could travel all around the world, too. *sigh*


6 thoughts on “Jealous Jealous”


    i wanna see the world din!

    buti ka nga may VERY little money in the bank. Me? I’m lucky to have 500 in my wallet. Tapos yung credit card ko, hindi pa sa akin naka-pangalan. Savings account ng mom ko. At bawal ko galawin yung 3K na nandun. Boo.

  2. @Markus: 😀 Sabi sa’yo mag-attend ka ng Komikon. Last year, he gave out free sketches to anyone who bought a copy of Mangaholix. 😀 It wasn’t just him actually, it was the different artists of Mangaholix who did the sketches. Magaling naman sila lahat so masaya!

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