The Dark Knight

Again, this won’t be a movie review. Because… I am just at a loss for words. This time though, it’s a Hollywood movie that’s made me feel this way. And that’s saying something, considering I’ve already developed a bias for Asian films. Anyway, I still want to say stuff about this movie, but I don’t want to label it as a “review” because that makes it sound official, and this is just a random fan’s opinion.

Christian Bale

Whoever thought of re-making the Batman series and putting Christian Bale on it, and as Bruce Wayne, no less, is a freakin’ Casting Genius. I swear. I have a new title for Christian Bale now: He’s the guy you cast, when there’s no one else to cast. Seriously. Bruce Wayne is one of the coolest characters ever in history, and that makes him really hard to cast, because a real person just can’t possibly be as cool as Bruce Wayne, right? But gosh, Christian Bale so is.

See, I’ve never really been convinced of the other actors who played Bruce Wayne. I think Adam West wasn’t “dark” enough (but then, his Batman series wasn’t a dark series at all), Michael Keaton wasn’t handsome enough (though he did make a pretty good pair with Michelle Pfeiffer’s Catwoman), Val Kilmer was too blonde, and George Clooney, ugh, I don’t even want to talk about him. But then, just when I thought that they couldn’t possibly find anyone cool enough to play Bruce Wayne (remember that rumor in the Smallville series, where they said that there would be an episode with the “Bruce Wayne” character in it, but because they couldn’t find an actor for the character, they just cancelled the episode?), they came up with Christian Bale. *dreamy sigh* And he’s perfect.

There’s another actor like this, although he’s more suited to the quirky roles instead of the cool ones, can you guess who it is? It’s Johnny Depp! šŸ˜€ But this post isn’t about him, so…

Maggie Gyllenhaal

Have I ever told anyone that I just hate hate hate Katie Holmes?!?!!? I think I would’ve really loved the first Batman movie with Christian Bale if she wasn’t in it. And I normally don’t like it when they change actresses in the middle of a movie series (or a TV series), but in this case, it was a really good call. Maggie Gyllenhaal, although her character’s part here was smaller than in the first, really brought depth to Rachel. I feel bad that she wasn’t in the first movie. But I’m glad anyway that they didn’t put Katie Holmes in this one. She would’ve totally ruined it.

Aaron Eckhart

Aaron Eckhart was so cool. Really. I’ve only seen him in that movie with Catherine Zeta-Jones, No Reservations, and he was a pretty normal “nice guy” in there. So I’m happy to find out that he can play “not normal” roles as well. šŸ™‚ And here’s a confession: It took me until the very end why he was always called “The White Knight”. Duh! šŸ˜Æ I’m so stupid sometimes. Hehehe.

Heath Ledger

Waaaahh!! šŸ˜¦ I still feel soooo sad about him. I mean, he finally gets to show everyone how good of an actor he is, but now he’s dead. šŸ˜¦ It’s so sad!! His Joker is just… He wasn’t just one of those villains that you just feel like killing. He really gets you scared. I think he might even cause nightmares to the kids who watched this. If I didn’t love Heath Ledger so much, and didn’t know what he looked like as a teeny bopper leading man, I’d probably have nightmares too. Still though, I guess it’s a good way to go. At least he finished with flying colors, right?


Okay, okay, I really just want to talk about Edison Chen, but Cillian Murphy did a cameo too and I’m also happy about that. šŸ™‚ Wow, this movie had so many good-looking guys in it, huh? Even just for cameo appearances. I mean, it’s like Ocean’s Eleven, but I don’t think they intentionally put that many famous people in it.

Anyway, about Edison Chen’s role, my friend E told me that once the Hong Kong scene started, I shouldn’t blink or I’ll miss it. Good advice, really because Edison’s appearance was for maybe just about 2 seconds. You’d miss it if you weren’t looking. Or, if you weren’t a fan girl.

I actually knew it was him even before his face was shown. How did I know? Well, I heard his voice. He was the one who said something like “For security purposes we’ll require you to…” so that Morgan Freeman’s character would leave his cellphone in the lobby. I recognized his voice, and knew it was him, even with his back turned. Yey, that’s fangirling for you.

And… what else? Story was absolutely… It was really really really good. It definitely defies the “superhero” genre. Really really. I’m still in awe, 4 hours after I saw it. I’ll just leave you with some pictures. Watch The Dark Knight!! (P.S. It was also really cool when Commissioner Gordon said that “The Dark Knight” line.)

Coolest poster ever.

Edison Chen and Morgan Freeman looking cool (and dark).


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