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Lumiyab Ka!

Finally, I was able to hear the new song by Rico Blanco, Yugto. Since I don’t get to listen to the radio that often, I’m very grateful that a lot of other fans asked for him to post the song on the net. I only even knew about it because I visited his site. So in case you haven’t heard it either, it’s in here: http://www.myspace.com/ricoblancomusic

Anyway, I’m not a music critic, so what I say probably won’t matter much, but having been a Rivermaya fan for most of my life (I realize just this instant that I’ve been a Rivermaya fan longer than I haven’t been one, because I became their fan when I was just 10 years old. Hehehe.), I just can’t not say anything about it.

I won’t say too much about Rico Blanco’s having left the band. There’s too much drama in that to combine my opinion on that with my opinion on this new song. Perhaps in another entry. But it is relevant to mention, because this is the first song he’s come out with as a solo performer. (I’m not including the ones he wrote for various artists, i.e. Tayo Tayo Rin and Biyahe Tayo because although he did them independently, he was still a part of Rivermaya when he wrote them.)

What I can say is this: Yugto is definitely different from the ones I’m used to hearing from Rico Blanco. Or, not just him, but anyone really. It’s something I’ve never heard before (at least not in the OPM scene), it’s like a fusion of so many unrelated music influences that it’s really hard to describe. Well, I told you I wasn’t a music critic. But I really want to try to say what I think about it. I like it. I like it better than a lot of the new songs I’ve heard recently. If I heard it on the radio, I’d probably smile because it’s a good song. But here comes the negative part: It’s actually not as good as I expected it to be. And because Rico Blanco has been one of my favorite songwriters in the whole wide world, I guess I’m a bit disappointed. Then again, maybe I expected too much. Or maybe two heads are better than one, even if that one is a genius. So maybe the song would’ve been better if there were other people who contributed to it. But then, it’s just the first song from his new album (No, I won’t talk about the controversy surrounding that either). And maybe I’ll like the other songs that will be released in the future. However at the moment, I’m still not fully satisfied with his “comeback”.

To be completely honest, I liked the Happy New Year composition better. You can hear that in the MySpace music account, too. It’s not an official composition. I think he just did it for fun, and uploaded it in his Multiply, just like anyone else who dabbles in music. Although I think you’ll all agree when I say that he’s not the kind of person who just “dabbles” in music. Wait, I’m losing the focus of this entry again.

I’ll just tell you the reason why I can’t focus: It’s still hard for me to talk about Rico Blanco. I guess it’s because I liked Rivermaya so much. When they were just starting and Bamboo was still their lead singer, I already liked Rico Blanco more than the rest of the members. So unlike most people I know who no longer liked Rivermaya when Bamboo left, my support for the band never wavered. (And I’ve never really warmed up to Bamboo’s new band.) I guess I never thought that I would be torn between Rico Blanco and Rivermaya. I like the present Rivermaya still, but I like Rico Blanco as well. And I feel guilty for liking the other, because I don’t think they’re in good terms. And neither are their fans. Gosh, it’s hard to appreciate art when you’re considering artists’ humanity, isn’t it?

Does that make sense? What I mean is, sometimes, I wish artists weren’t so human. That’s a bit of a cruel thought, but it just makes me a bit sad when personal problems, or reality, I should say, gets in the way of art. For instance, I cannot blame the producers of Harry Potter for changing the actor for Dumbledore because the original actor died. And I cannot blame the new actor for not being exactly like the previous one, because he’s a different person who would of course have a different style. And I can’t blame the world for not having two actors who are exactly alike, because if that happened, then the uniqueness of each actor wouldn’t be anything remarkable (more accurately, the actor wouldn’t be unique at all).

I am confusing myself with all these words. I wish my mind were more orderly. Sorry if this entry confused you as well. If you really want to know, just leave me a set of comments with specific questions so I’ll know which points I need to explain again. Ahehe. See you in the next blog entry!


5 thoughts on “Lumiyab Ka!”

  1. I’ve always been amazed with Rico’s songwriting prowess. Since the beginning, it was clear that he was the one who drives the train for the band. Perf left, Bamboo left, Nathan left but Rivermaya survived. But now that Rico’s the one who did that, I’m just not really sure.

    I mean, not to compare with the Eraserheads but when Ely left – as good as the three remaining band members were – things weren’t the same anymore.

    Let’s all wait and see, I guess. We have yet to wait for hits from the current Maya line up.

    Anyways!… Just me and my thoughts. Peace out 😀

  2. Isa lng ang iniidolo ko pag dating sa pinoy band or vocalist and composer… The One and Only… Rico Blanco is the best talaga… Goodluck sa career mo Rico.. -ben

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