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More Fangirling for Sorimachi Takashi

Matapos kong panoorin ang Beach Boys, hindi pa rin ako nakuntento at dali-dali kong sinimulan ang Dream Again kung saan bida muli si Sorimachi Takashi (ng buhay ko ;)). Tungkol ito sa isang “retired” professional baseball player na nais matupad ang kanyang pangarap na makapaglarong muli ng baseball, ngunit bago pa man siya nakagawa ng kahit anong hakbang upang mapalapit muli sa kanyang pangarap ay nabawian siya ng buhay. Kung kaya’t nang siya’y maging ispiritu na lamang, sinabi sa kanya ng “heaven’s guide” na maaari siyang bigyan ng isa pang pagkakataong mabuhay para matupad ang kanyang pangarap, ngunit sa katawan na ng ibang tao, at hindi niya pwedeng sabihin sa kahit sino kung sino siya talaga kasi kung mangyari ‘yun, ay bigla na lang siyang mawawala at ‘di na makakababalik muli.

Mag-E-English na’ko dahil medyo mahirap mag-fangirl ‘pag Tagalog. Hehehe.

Sorimachi Takashi is a little older in this drama (of course, since it was shown only last year) as compared to Beach Boys and GTO, which were shown in the late 90’s. So naturally, Sorimachi Takashi looks slightly different. He doesn’t have that kind of face some actors have where their age doesn’t show. But I think Sorimachi-san pulls the early 30’s off well. He looks just right–too old to be a teen idol, but young enough not to be labelled an old man. Hence, I still like him. 🙂 Anyway, this drama is also a bit different from those I usually watch, which are school dramas (as in dramas set in high school (college, tops)). This one is about people who work in the office, and about, er, sports, which if you know me, you know I’m really not interested in. But it seems that Sorimachi Takashi and sports are an inevitable combination since all his roles involve showing off his physical strength somehow — he was a professional swimmer in Beach Boys and a karate expert in GTO. I guess they’re really banking on his physical skills ‘eh? Why would anyone cast Sorimachi Takashi and not have him do lots and lots of physical activities? That would be a complete waste of talent.

Anyway, I’m getting off-topic again (although since I’m really just spazzing about Sorimachi-san then I can prett much say anything I want). The point is that I realized that I would probably watch just about anything if it has one of my favorite actors in it. I actually attempted to watch The Ring again, just so I could see Matsushima Nanako. (Note: I only saw the first 15 minutes. I got too scared and turned the TV off after that. I guess I’m still not over that movie, after 5 years. Haha!) Although I’m doubting if I can take Fulltime Killer and that other Sorimachi movie that’s set in traditional Japan (like the Tokugawa era or something). I guess we’ll see in the future.

So far, I’m liking Dream Again. 🙂 It’s probably something that a lot of other people will find boring. I’m already on Episode 6 and there are so far no big scandalous memorable scenes, or anything really really funny. There’s nothing all that notable about it and if you’re not a Sorimachi Takashi fan, you probably wouldn’t be all that interested. But I’m not saying that it’s a bad drama. Actually, the conflicts that they thought of are pretty good– how the new person Sorimachi-san becomes is this “evil” company president who his lawyer ex-girlfriend goes up against in a lawsuit, how he suddenly gains an illegitimate daughter, and how he’s suddenly so out of shape to be able to qualify for any pro baseball team. It’s all very interesting and fun to watch, but I guess because it’s a lot more serious than GTO and Beach Boys then it doesn’t really give a lot of chances for me to spaz like a ditzy fangirl. But oh well, I love Sorimachi Takashi anyway.

I love dramas. And I realized recently, that I love different kinds of dramas, too. I used to think that I only liked those that involved love stories, but after watching Beach Boys, which hardly has any romantic arc, I discovered that I could like stories that don’t involve love as well. 🙂 (And that dramas that are only about love stories can get boring after a while, too.) I’m really liking how I’m finding out more and more things as I watch more and more of Sorimachi-san and Kubozuka-san and Tamaki-san and Yamapi-kun (Yes, he’s kun because *sigh* he’s unfortunately younger than me). I’m happy I’m a fangirl. 😀


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