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Summer’s Over!

Well, it’s been over for at least a month, but according to the Beach Boys, summer ends when you want it to, or when you really feel like it’s over. As for me, I guess it just ended today. The 1st of July. (Technically, it’s July 2 now, but I haven’t slept yet so I’m considering this as July 1st still.)

For one thing, today’s the official start of the fiscal year. I don’t want to explain all the details (I think I’m not allowed to anyway), but that’s sort of a big thing in our office. And I did kind of tell myself that I’d definitely make this fiscal year better than the last. So technically, I should be starting to get better right now.

And next, my Elementary 2 Japanese classes have finished. Just last Saturday in fact, and earlier today a representative from the school called me and asked if I was going to continue studying Elementary 3. I said I was, and she said for me to bring my tuition fee this Saturday, because that’s when the next class will start. I don’t get a break at all! But I guess that’s fine, since it’s a language anyway, and you’re really supposed to be learning things continuously.

I also finished the “summer edition” of my office’s unofficial newsletter. For those of you who don’t know, I actually “run” a blog that reports the events of our team (and another department who we’re friends with) in our office. It’s unofficial, and it’s mostly about our birthdays or trips to the beach or wherever, but it’s fun nonetheless. And there are some funny articles about life, and whatnot. Not all of them are written by me of course. We get contributions from the other members. I actually mainly am just the one to post them on the internet, and I take care of the horoscopes, but anyway, the point is that whenever I finish an issue, I do feel a bit proud of myself, for having been able to organize all the information. And this latest issue was particularly difficult for me, because so much has happened in the past month (make that 2 months), that I didn’t know how to consolidate everything into just one issue. Although it’s technically supposed to be a weekly newsletter, but alas, work got in the way, and some personal matters (which mostly refers to my laziness), so I was only able to finish it now. But I think my officemates are pretty happy about it. Maybe you’d like to give it a look, too. It’s in here.

I guess the second half of the year has begun, so everyday we’ll be a little bit closer to 2009. Gah. 2009. It’s such a big number ‘eh? I’m not really fond of this “transition period” in the year, because it also means that it’s nearing my birthday (which is in September), meaning I’ll be a year older again, and that always sucks, since I have a Peter Pan complex and I don’t care how many people older than me tell me that I’m still young. I’m way too old in my opinion. Way too old for my state of mind. I still feel, think, and act like I’m 13. Can’t you tell?

Actually the reason I wrote this entry (and titled it this way) is because I just finished watching Episodes 1 to 12 of Beach Boys (1997), the drama which starred Sorimachi Takashi (Yes, the GTO guy), before he became GTO. It also stars Takenouchi Yutaka, who happens to be the actor who’s got a picure on Fuyutsuki’s wall. (Fuyutsuki is the love interest for GTO, by the way.) So now, I totally get why that poster’s such a big deal in the GTO drama. It’s like an inside joke of sorts, which you probably would’ve gotten if you were Japanese, and you watched the dramas during that era.

I really want to write a review on Beach Boys, but somehow the words to describe it escapes me. Why is it so difficult to talk about beautiful things? I was complaining before on how the summaries for Beach Boys in the drama websites and forums are all so vague. But I know now why they are. It’s because it’s really hard to explain. I think, it falls under that category “everyday drama”. You know, the kind of show where you think nothing’s happening because everything seems so normal, but when you stop to think about it, you’ll feel like you’re learning life’s secrets? Japan has a lot of those things. Not just in TV dramas, but in their books and movies as well. And in manga and anime. I think that’s why I like Japanese shows so much. But I won’t talk about that right now. I won’t be able to stop.

So, Beach Boys is a summer drama (I mean, it’s about summer), and I’m quite happy that I watched it when I did–during the transition period from summer to rainy season. πŸ™‚ Oh, and I’m happy it won Best Casting during the time it was famous. Because as I watched it, I really felt that the casting was great. The chemistry between the actors (and not just those in the lead roles) was absolutely perfect. You would totally know them, and feel like their friend. Not many dramas can do that. But this one really did.

Anyway, sorry if this entry feels disorganized, the ideas disjointed. I always have a hard time writing, or talking, when I finish watching something really really good. Add to that my love-hate relationship with the 2nd half of the year, my anxiousness on starting a new lesson in Japanese, and all the worry about the things I should’ve done but didn’t because I just watched Beach Boys instead, and well, yeah, this kind of entry is what you get. So I’ll end this now before I embarrass myself more.

Happy 2nd half of the year everyone. If the first half sucked for you, then here’s your chance to make 2008 a great year still. πŸ™‚ Good luck to all of us.

Also, just a tidbit of news: I just found out that the artists Jon Zamar and Syeri Baet tied the knot (as in got married) last Saturday!! πŸ˜€

So, I’m not really close friends with them, but I’ve seen them around in conventions and have had a conversation or two with them. I think Syeri still recognizes me but she’s probably forgotten my name, which is okay really, since I don’t see her that much anyway and the last time we had a conversation that was more than two sentences long was way way back; 5 years ago at least.

That’s actually why I’m happy to hear they’re married, because when I was introduced to them, they weren’t even a couple yet. Just two artists in the same circle, and I was one of the first witnesses to their budding relationship, was even one of the people who teased them (well, I teased Syeri. Jon and I aren’t close at all. I don’t think he knows me.) about it. And now, some years later, I find out they’re married! It’s so cute, right?! πŸ˜€ I wish happy endings for everyone!! πŸ˜€

(This is just a rumor, I think he proposed to her in last year’s Komikon. Or was it the year before? Or was it the day before last year’s Komikon? Ah, whatever. It was around that time.) πŸ™‚


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