Eee! Kinikilig Ako!!

OKAY, I know I’m a little late (about 10 years) in watching it, but what can I say? J-Dramas weren’t as famous then as it is now (in our country anyway), and it’s only this year that I got a computer (and with that comes the oppportunity to watch the J-dramas I like, and not just those that my friends hand over to me), and the time (I think when GTO was famous here, I was in college and I was working on my thesis so that didn’t give me a lot of time to do anything not thesis-related) to see it. I’m actually glad that I’m seeing it only now (after all the fuss is over, which is when I like obsessing over things anyway), because I can really take my time in watching and obsessing over every little detail of the show, taking in each and every expression, dialogue and whatever else that’s worth taking in. :mrgreen:

I’ve only seen up to Episode 7 (so don’t tell me any spoilers). I would’ve seen more, but I was just so sleepy, I couldn’t keep my eyes open (I stayed up until 3AM to see it). Actually, I wasn’t even going to watch it, I accidentally opened the file (does that ever happen to you, when you’re on Windows Explorer and you accidentally click on a file? It happens to me a LOT.) and the player had an Auto Play function, and I decided to see the first few minutes of it, but then, without even noticing it, the first few minutes had turned into the whole episode, and soon I was watching the next one and the next one– I just couldn’t stop!!

Call me crazy but Sorimachi Takashi as Eikichi Onizuka is just… ❤ ❤ ❤ !!! *fangirly sigh* And I know, I know, he’s married to his co-star (in GTO as well), Matsushima Nanako (who played his love interest in the drama, Azusa Fuyutsuki), but that’s why it’s so nakakakilig. (Waaah, sorry for the non-Tagalog speakers, there’s no translation for this term, but the closest I can think of at the moment is “giddy”.)

(L-R) Matsushima Nanako as Azusa Fuyutsuki and Sorimachi Takashi as Onizuka Eikichi

My favorite Eikichi/Azusa part is when Eikichi’s friend was pressuring him to get a girlfriend and he called Azusa and she answered the phone and she smiled when she found out Eikichi was on the other end. ❤ Sure, it’s not a big scene, like the one where he carried her and dumped her in the fountain, but… XD XD XD it was just so cute!! :mrgreen:

So maybe I’ll give my serious/full review on this later on (even though it’s probably pretty useless by now, this is an old drama), but in the meantime, let me be a fangirl and say Wheeee!!! XD Eikichi-Azusa forever!! ❤ Hahaha! Oh, and want to comment on the other actors in this drama– Can’t believe that’s Oguri Shun being bullied ‘eh? And, Kubozuka Yosuke, whom I first saw in Onatsuki is waaahhh so young!! But kakkoi as ever! XD He’s my favorite of the students. Aiyah! I always like the smart/geeky/stoic ones. Hehehe.

1 thought on “Eee! Kinikilig Ako!!”

  1. Indeed, it is an old drama. It was popular back then. I was merely an elementary school girl when I first watched it. I’ve just finished watched it again, and it still so good. I used to think that Sorimachi was not handsome. But I eventually must say, he is definitely handsome in portraying onizuka. And as a man, he is so good looking for me right now for his role as onizuka. But what a pity, he divorced from his wife, Azusa sensei T-T. Nevertheless, one of his song titled “Poison”, the theme song for GTO, was great.

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