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Now Available in Powerbooks: Five Days in Palawan

So I’m plugging it again. What, it’s not like it’s illegal. (It’s not, right?)

I just found out that Five Days in Palawan by Zara Irigo is now available in Powerbooks Alabang. πŸ˜€ Finally!! XD I can’t believe it took them 6 months to get it though (FYI, it has been in National Bookstore since January). Anyway, since it’s available there now, hopefully it’s available in all the other Powerbooks Outlets.

What’s interesting though is that I found the copies not just in the Philippine Publication / Chick Lit section, but guess where else?

In the TRAVEL Section as well! Yup, there it was, five copies of it, sitting beside road maps of Tagbilaran City and Cebu. I guess because it has “Palawan” in its title, and it does kind of describe the place accurately, so I guess maybe that promotes tourism as well?

Whatever the reason is, it’s in 2 sections of the Powerbooks store in Alabang. πŸ˜€ So grab a copy! It’s everywhere now! Hehehe.

See here for the list of stores that I’ve seen the book in: In The Bookstore


12 thoughts on “Now Available in Powerbooks: Five Days in Palawan”

  1. summary of five days in palawan please? :((
    the story’s so awesome 😐 i really do like it πŸ™‚ Uh, I want to stay in Palawan for 5 days and look for a 5 day boyfriend like Mia :)) 😐 HAHA :))

  2. well astig story nya actually ndi ako nagbabasa ng ganto nakita ko lang sa cousin ko naiwan nya ayun binasa ko galing naman ni mia gusto ko makita si zara irigo in person para pa sign ko yung book bumili na din ako ng sarili ko haha ..thanks sana may part 2 nga talaga…anyone knows zara? tnx

  3. after 5 years …hinahanap hanap ko p din tong librong ito..gusto ko ulit syang basahin..sana availablable p din to at sana may part II na =)

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