Oh Great, Now I Have to Walk Home

I might as well begin this post by telling you about my family. I know all families have their quirks, but that doesn’t necessarily make the members of every family any less funny. Personally, I always get surprised at what the members of my family say. Then again, it’s easy to make me laugh anyway. Still, I’d like to share with you my mom’s semi-funny line for the day.

We all work quite a distance from where we live. My dad works the farthest, so to get to his office, he drops me and my mom off in our respective office buildings. In getting home, it’s the same. From his office, he picks my mom up, then me, and then we all go home together. Today, my mom sent me a text message saying they had an appointment with the doctor and won’t be able to pick me up later. And this is how her message went:

Papunta kami ni papa 2 doctor now. Uwi ka na lang aftr ofc. Sori short notice. Hope OK shoes mo.

😐 I don’t know about you, but I think it’s funny how she took into consideration how it would be difficult for me to commute home if my shoes weren’t comfortable. It’s just like my mom to think of things like that. 😛 Well, it may not be funny to you (since she’s not your mom), but it certainly made me chuckle today. Lucky for her, I’ve got flip flops in my drawer.


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