Fashion and Advertising

I don’t know if I’ve told you, but I actually like clothes. No, I don’t think they’re a way to express yourself or whatever other deep things that people who like clothes tell you. I’m not a fashionista or anything (in fact, I don’t/can’t dress well), but I like looking at fashion magazines and looking at people who dress well. A number of my contacts in Multiply are those “business sites” that sell clothes, dresses in particular. I’ve never actually bought anything from them (mostly because I don’t have the money), but I like looking at the new designs that they come up with.

Anyway, one of the sites, let’s call it Fashion Site A (I debated on whether to put here which site it is, but I’m deciding not to because I don’t think it’s fair to give them bad publicity, they’re not bad people after all) has just posted a new fashion line, and the dresses look great, but I want to comment about the photos that they took of it. The photos are, well, they’re not very good. In fact, they’re very not good, that even though the models are beautiful and the dresses are beautiful, I don’t think they were able to advertise their product all that well.

We all know that advertising is a big part of selling things. If you’ve got a bad advertisement, it doesn’t matter how good your product is, it might not sell. And vice-versa (meaning, if you have a bad product but good advertisement, then people will still buy it). I don’t want to be a stick-in-the-mud (in Tagalog, Epal) and PM the people behind the website that their photos suck (because to them, they might not actually suck), I should just leave them be, it’s their business anyway, and I shouldn’t be sticking my nose into it. Still, I can’t help but think that maybe what I want to tell them can help them advertise their product better somehow.

A newer website, which I’ll call Fashion Site B, has shown up recently and although they haven’t started selling their clothes, they put up a few pictures from a photo shoot they did, as a preview of what people can expect from their store. From the comments in the websites, I can tell that more people are more excited about Fashion Site B than Fashion Site A (A’s website hardly had any comments/responses at all), even if it seems that the clothes they’re selling are equally great. Of course, I can’t base everything on the number of comments that a website gets. Maybe Fashion Site A’s customers just aren’t as internet savvy as the customers of Fashion Site B, but still, I still think that Fashion Site A needs to step their ads up a notch.

Especially when you’re selling on the internet, where the only basis of people for your products are pictures, shouldn’t you, as a seller, do everything you can to make the pictures of your products look great? I’m really tempted to send a private message to Fashion Site A and tell them to hire a professional photographer (a good one), and have someone better direct their models, but another side of me wants to see how they’ll improve, even if no one tells them that their pictures aren’t that great. (It’s possible that I’m the only one who thinks their pictures suck, but I think after looking at so many fashion websites and magazines, I can also tell what’s good and what’s not.)

I actually don’t understand how they can allow sub-standard pictures on their site. I mean, being fashion designers (and they’re good designers, too), shouldn’t they be good artists as well? Shouldn’t they be able to tell whether a photograph is good or not?

I know, I know. I should just leave these people alone. Hey, I’m already not mentioning their names, so I hope this isn’t considered bad publicity. It’s just a rant, which I hope they’ll read, and will make them improve their advertisements in the future. I’m not starting a war here, I just like looking at pretty pictures is all.

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