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David VS David = Rock VS Pop

I said I wouldn’t post anything about this topic, because it’s just too mainstream and it’s not like I’m a fan of the thing. But it is kind of interesting to be able to relate to what the people around me are talking about, for once.

I’m not an American Idol fan. I’m really not. Truth is, this is the first time I’ve watched episodes of it. It has to do with my being not really a music fan. Or maybe I’m a music fan, but I’m definitely not a singer fan. I don’t care much about vocal range and all that technical stuff. For me, as long as a person can sing in tune, it’s really the quality of the song writing that’s the basis on whether it’s a good song or not. I think that even if a person can sing really well, if the song he/she is singing sucks, then the whole thing will suck, in the same way that when a movie has a bad story, then no matter how good its technical aspect is, it will ultimately be forgettable.

I actually only watched an episode of this because they had a Beatles week, and I’m kind of a Beatles fan. Of course, after that episode, I didn’t watch any more episodes, but I’ve found that you can find out what happens just by listening to the people around you. So I found out that the final 2 contestants are the 2 Davids. Good for them. I think they’re both really good. Then again, you have to be really good to be able to reach one of the final 2 slots. So there’s no question about whether they’re good singers or not. I think, at this point in the show, it will ultimately boil down to who’s got the bigger fan base.

Personally, I think it’s unfair. Or if not, then it’s still not accurate to say that one David is a better singer than the other. Because they’re just too different. They have different images, they sing different song genres. I mean, if they always sang the same song, then maybe you’ll be able to really compare them, but since they don’t (because if they did then people will get sick of the songs they sing), then the competition isn’t really just between the two Davids, but between Rock music and Pop music.

I’m going to be honest. I like Rock better. Pop songs are just too shallow for me, too commercial, even. I think they’re made deliberately to make money, to become popular, and not really to send a message to the audience, or change the world. I know, it’s too idealistic to think that music can change the world, but you never know. Music is a powerful force. I think it’s a waste of the art if you’ll just use it to make yourself rich (I’m talking about the producers/marketers, not the singers). I even think it’s a wrong use of the medium. But that’s me. I’m not saying Pop music is bad. I’ve been known to enjoy shallow pop songs from time to time (Proof: I own Hillary Duff’s album. Both of them.) But it’s just fun to listen to, it’s nothing I think I’ll learn anything from. It’s nothing that I think can change or even affect my life, even for a little while.

Obviously, since I like Rock better than Pop, then I guess it’s not hard to guess that I like David Cook better. No offense to David Archuleta, he’s really good, too. But I honestly think that David Cook is more consistent. I mean, David Archuleta so murdered We Can Work It Out by The Beatles. Well, I can forgive him for that. Everybody gets bad days. And I honestly think that the only reason I don’t like David A that much is because I don’t like the songs he sings. Because they’re always Pop songs. And I don’t really like Pop. But anyway, the point of this post is really that I don’t really care who wins, even if I prefer one contestant over the other. I think they’re both really really good. I’m glad they won over the rest of the contestants. Although even if I like David Cook more, I think it’s David Archuleta who’s going to win. Because the deciding factor will be the number of votes, right? And we all know that Pop music is way more popular than Rock. Hello, it’s the very reason it’s called Pop music. So:

Pop > Rock ergo David A > David C

I don’t really mind. Like I said, I don’t care who wins. I think the other will have a good career after the contest, no matter what happens anyway. But it is interesting for me because it’s the first time I can relate to all the American Idol chatter around me. It’s the first time I actually have an opinion about it, and I’m quite proud of myself for trying to find out about things I’m normally not interested in. I just hope people won’t start talking to me about R&B, or Pinoy Big Brother*, because those things, no matter what, I’m never going to be interested in.

[edit: 22-May-08 10:12 AM] Well, David Cook just won, making my prediction incorrect. I guess I’m not psychic after all, hehe. πŸ˜› I like him better, but I’m kind of disappointed he won. Haha! I just don’t think American Idol is the right venue for someone like him. I’d like it better if he was an independent artist whose claim to fame isn’t through a “reality” show. Not to mention, I think there would be more fans sourgraping about David A’s loss because he has the younger fan base, ergo their opinions would be more immature. Not that I’d go looking for their sourgraping comments.

This is a little weird. This is the first time that the optimistic side of me has won (yes, I’ve secretly been hoping for David Cook to win, but my realistic side kept telling me that David A has more mass appeal), and I guess I’m not used to it. Hehe. Although I do kind of feel bad that Rock has really gone mainstream now. Well, it went mainstream in the 90’s, but still… Wait, I’m really confused. Am I disappointed because the contestant that I like is the one who won the contest?!?! Something must be wrong with me! /: )

*Disclaimer, just in case you think I don’t like Pinoy Big Brother because it’s a local show: I don’t like the Big Brother franchise. I think the whole thing is a pointless invasion of people’s privacy. I personally can’t care less about the personal lives of people I don’t know and am not likely to meet or be friends with. And it’s not reality TV in my opinion. The camera distorts any semblance of anything to reality. Hello? Haven’t these people ever heard of the Observer Effect?!

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