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Distracted from my Distractions

There’s so much to do!

At this point, I think I’m going to believe that we all have different definitions of what being “productive/unproductive” is. Take playing computer games, for example. I’ll bet that to a mom, a kid playing games is a kid being unproductive. But to a graphics designer, playing games is just like research, right?

So what brings me to this line of thinking, you ask? Only the fact that I have so much stuff lying around, which I always think I’ll get to do when I have free time, but then another thing comes along, and I end up neglecting them. šŸ˜¦ Why was I born irresponsible, anyway?

The thing is, the tasks I leave lying around aren’t even “work” at all. They’re hobby-related fun stuff. But I get distracted to easily, I don’t know which fun stuff to do first!

1) Scrapbook – I bought a scrapbook from the bookstore, along with some accessories for it, colored paper and other art materials, planning to finally arrange all the memento I’ve collected from the places I’ve been to (e.g. ticket stubs, boarding passes, receipts — yes, I’ve kept those, too). I actually find things like that fun, but because my room is a mess right now (well, it usually is), I don’t want to make it worse by spilling glitters on the floor or whatever other accidents that might happen (I’m really clumsy) while I’m doing this project. So at the moment, the empty scrapbook is still in the plastic bag it was put in when I first bought it.

2) Books – I’m really unreliable, aren’t I? I start reading a book, but stop reading it in the middle and start reading an entirely different book before I finish it. The result is, I have about half a dozen books with bookmarks in the middle, and I’ve almost completely forgotten what the story is before those points with the bookmarks are. šŸ˜ I’ll have to start them all over! It’s not that they’re not interesting that’s why I get distracted in the middle of reading them. It’s just that, the other books are really really interesting as well.

3) Computer – So I bought a computer and had my friend install the programs I said I wanted, but now comes the hard part: I have no idea how to use it! I mean, I haven’t had a computer for so long that I feel that the only thing I know now is how to check my e-mail and how to blog! I know that knowledge on the other programs will come around after exploring them, but I’m worried that I might do something idiotic that’ll cause my hard drive to crash or something. And I just can’t find the time to read all the tutorials on the net! I mean, I have fun exploring the programs but it’s really hard sometimes when you have no idea what’s going on, or how to repeat an action you did for example.

4) J-Drama – I’ve finished downloading Orange Days already and have seen ’til Episode 2. I’m loving it so far, but I can’t watch it consecutively, which is weird, considering watching dramas isn’t like homework. It’s something people do to relax or unwind, but somehow I’m not doing that.

5) Nintendo DS Lite – So I’m really happy about it and all, I’m enjoying playing the games and stuff, but between reading my books, watching the J-dramas, surfing the net, blogging and talking to my friends, I can’t find the time to play it either! Even if I really really want to.

6) Fanfiction – Here’s another thing distracting me from reading my books– there’s just so much fun stuff to read on the net! And there’s also my sister’s story that she asked me to read. And I want to read it, too. But at the moment I’m blogging, which takes me to

7) Blogging – Oh yeah, I’ve been updating this blog nearly everyday. But guess what, I have several more entries in the Drafts, which I didn’t publish, because people might tell me I have way too much free time because I blog everyday. It’s not like people check on me everyday, so if I blog everyday, naturally, the people who read are bound to miss some entries. And I don’t want that to happen because, well, because entries deserve their time to shine. They should all be treated equally. I’m not saying everyone reads all my entries, but for me personally, I like it better when an entry stays more than one day on the main page, because it gives me more time to absorb what’s in it, as opposed to if the entries change too quickly, then you barely have time to think about or react to what the blogger has said, right?

8 ) Out-of-Town Getaway – My officemates and I are on our way to Cagayan De Oro this Friday. We’re leaving really early in the morning, and I still haven’t packed single thing! I can’t even remember what time our flight is! It’s not that I’m not excited, it’s just that I’m so confused as to what to think about first, that I’ve somehow neglected getting excited for the trip. @_@ Does that make any sense?

9) Fangirling – See, I can’t even research about NEWS and Tamaki Hiroshi and Takeshi Yasutoko anymore because I have the DS games and Harry Potter fanfiction and House episodes and the Bernie Rhodenbarr Mysteries and Speed Racer (I haven’t seen it yet T_T) and writing to think about. But… but… I miss them!

10) Puzzles – I just received some puzzles from my sister. She sent me a package (all the way from NZ!) with the card game that I like and a jigsaw puzzle of the world map with pictures of the flags of different countries behind it. (Yeah, she’s a nerd. Haha!) And I want to try it out– so I’ll know if the world map in my brain is accurate. And I want to play the card game, too. But who will I play with? And, where will I build the puzzle? I’ve run out of empty surfaces in my room. O_O

There’s actually a lot more, but I’m really too tired. Isn’t it just a little weird that I’m having a hard time picking between the activities that are supposedly what make people “unproductive”? It’s not that I don’t have free time, it’s just that I don’t know what’s the first thing I want to do with it. This is also why I’m lacking sleep, by the way. Because I watch J-dramas ’til the wee hours of the morning, and then play games after, and then read the Battle Royale novel after that. My eyes hurt, and I’m already dizzy as hell, but I’m just so curious what will happen next, how I can get to the next level, and what the lyrics are to that Asian Kung-Fu Generation song…

And I haven’t even begun thinking of all the anime I want to watch.


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