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Just so you know, this isn’t going to be a movie review. I don’t think I know enough about the topic to give a good review of it, but it will be related to my watching the movie, which is why this entry is titled so.

This is the proof that I’m really not girly-girly. Or maybe it’s the geek in me, but I really really really liked this movie. I mean, it’s like sci-fi, but it’s so realistic– it’s a good example of those “fiction but doesn’t seem like fiction” stories. It’s absolutely wonderful.

I loved it, which is weird, considering I don’t like action movies, much. I’m not very fond of explosions and guns blazing and all that war stuff, but now I really believe that if a story’s good enough, or at least one of the elements of the movie (in this case, it’s the technology— both the fictitious technology included in the story, and the technology of the movie magic in making the film) is really very good, then one will learn to appreciate the other parts that one wouldn’t normally like. In my case, because the special effects, concept, and story of this one was just so cool, that I didn’t mind at all how there were so many explosions, and scenes with cars (I don’t like cars much). Towards the middle of the story, I didn’t even mind anymore that Robert Downey, Jr. isn’t exactly someone I would call “cute” or “handsome”. And I’m willing to overlook how “comic-book-y” Gwyneth Paltrow’s character’s name is. I mean, Pepper Potts? That’s straight from a comic book writer’s mind, right there. (Well, this movie was based on a comic book after all.)

Anyhow, I watched this with one of my friends J (who is a girl), and she didn’t like it much. I can tell. Even if she said it was okay. I think she didn’t hate it, but she didn’t like it too much either. I think it’s because it’s a guy film, even worse, it’s a geeky guy film, which is probably why she didn’t like it all that much. Anyway, it’s such a contrast to me because I loved it to bits. 😀

I’m not stereotyping here. I know a lot of other girls who really loved the movie as well, I just still think that it’s mostly a guy film. Because it’s really quite violent. Anyway, the reason I think I like it, other than because it’s kind of a sci-fi flick with all the gadgets, is because in some ways, it seems kind of like an anime. I mean, the mecha-type anime. There’s this scene where the bad guy puts the glowing power source into the armor’s heart– doesn’t it just remind you of the dragu-energists in The Vision of Escaflowne?

I mean, American mecha just used to be Transformers and other kinds wherein the robots are also beings themselves, and not hi-tech machines controlled by humans, which is why this is a refreshing change for them. And for us as well, because it’s the first time I’ve seen a story set in the U.S. with believable mecha. 🙂

Okay, I’m not going to continue with that line of thinking (See! I told you all my movie reviews eventually end up comparisons of the East and West). And just spaz some more about the movie like the geeky fan girl that I am. Hehehe.

IRONMAN! Whee!! XD I haven’t really been loving the Marvel stories too much. Spider-man 3 was disappointing for me (despite the presence of James Franco, Topher Grace and Tobey Maguire). Fantastic Four is also nothing very interesting. Well, it had potential, but in the middle of the story they explored an angle that I really didn’t like (I’ll tell you what it is: It’s Silver Surfer’s motivation. Can’t they think of anything else for him to act the way he did, other than having lost his family (and his remembering his wife because of Invisible Girl and so he’s kinder towards her is just ugh!!)? Come on! I’m sure there are plenty of other reasons out there, why reuse this old and boring one?!). And with the X-Men series, I only really liked the last one. But this one (IronMan) seems to be off to a good start, so hopefully they don’t overdo it, and the next ones will be really good as well. 🙂

Hollywood seems to be relying on some hits and misses, I think. I mean, some movies (like this one) turn out really really great, but others (most, actually) really really suck. I just saw trailers for the new The Incredible Hulk. I didn’t see the first one with Eric Bana, but seeing Edward Norton involved in this one makes me have high expectations for it. 🙂 Well, it should be good considering it’s already a remake of a remake. 😐 And then there’s My Sassy Girl, which I was against at first, because we all know that that kind of story would only really work in a Korean setting (it was really weird watching the two American actors slapping each other at the train station. It’s just not cute, like it is in the original My Sassy Girl.), what would they do with the “school uniform” part? But again, I think I’ll be watching it because I like the cast– Jesse Bradford, I love!! XD And what else…? Narnia, Batman: The Dark Knight, and Indiana Jones 4! Well, we all have high expectations on that… Oh, I also saw the Teaser for a new Star Trek movie. I didn’t even know there was going to be another one! Kind of a coincidence for me because I was just researching yesterday about it and found out that the actress whose voice they used for the “computer” in the series was actually Gene Rodenberry’s girlfriend. 🙂

Anyway, good luck to Hollywood! I really hope the upcoming movies turn out great! 😀


2 thoughts on “IronMan”

  1. on: this being a ‘guy’ film – i can’t separate myself from my femininity to say whether or not it is. nor can i take my own inherent geekiness and hatred of chick flicks out of the equation. i hate chick flicks but i LOOVE explosions. and u know what i liked most about this film? ((it might be a bit of a spoiler.. can i put it here anyway? if you dont approve this comment because of the potential spoiler, i totally understand, but i just have to say this to someone else who say and liked the film))


    but i LOVED that him and pepper didn’t get together and ride off into the sunset. i think so many movies are totally ruined by romantic sub-plots man. i dunno if that’s how they seek to draw in girly viewers or what, but like.. just blow things up and keep it movin. there doesnt HAVE to be a love story in every damn movie. this ending was open-ended enough, i think, to let viewers decide any whicha way what happens with tony and pepper, and u bet ur bippy that in my version, they never ever see each other naked.

    i feel so much better having said that.

  2. Gwyneth P. is fantastic in this film.

    I was not as pleased with Iron Man as with recent Marvel comics tranposition to the screen.
    I prefered the 4 fantastic or Spiderman.
    I also love technology but was not really convinced this time, it’s a little bit hard to explain (I apologise).

    See you,

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