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BUY This Book: Five Days in Palawan

It occurs to me only now that I haven’t yet plugged this book here, when this is supposed to be my main blog. šŸ™‚ So, I’m posting this again, in case you missed it in the other blogs I posted it in.


Ignore the fact that I am a biased plugger as the author of this book is my sister.

Instead, please note that I’ve also been following the Chick Lit scene in the Philippines and have so far not read anything that is remotely close to the kind of writing this book has. Meaning, so far, this is the best local Chick Lit book ever published in the Philippines, so you have to buy it and read it.

And no, that’s not my biased opinion (although you would probably think that it is no matter what I say). Just see for yourself.

It’s available in National Bookstores (hopefully nationwide), and I also found out recently (just today, in fact) that it’s available in Filbars too. (And if you know any other bookstore that carries it, I hope you let me know so I can plug it some more hehehe. šŸ˜‰ ) Enjoy!!

Five Days in Palawan by Zara Irigo

Summary: How long is five days? Sometimes longer. Especially when you’ve been conned into being someone’s boyfriend, like Chris. He has never really been one for spontaneity. Managing his father’s resort in the remote outskirts of Puerto Princesa is not exactly the most eventful job in the world.
Until Mia Garcia checks in. Mia is from Manila – impulsive, unstable, mildly neurotic-hardly Chris’ type. But when she asks him to pretend to be her boyfriend for exactly five days – no more, no less, no strings attached – Chris rationalizes… Five days. What’s the worst thing that can happen, right?

It’s also available online via the publisher: PSICOM Publishing


17 thoughts on “BUY This Book: Five Days in Palawan”

  1. i really liked it. simple, yet elegant, in a way. since most chick lits start of on the girl’s point of view, it’s hard to write a story on how a guy thinks. maybe it’s not accurate (because i don’t know how guys think), but it’s believable.

    my favorite line there is this: “I hate the sun for setting.” simple lang pero may impact. original ba yung linyang yun? ang tindi ng dating eh. hehe.

    also, without giving too much, i like the way it ended. i actually was expecting something… regular, since that’s the way most chick lits end. but it was… different. which i think probably worked for the novel.

    i can see a potentially good movie with this. seriously.

  2. @lessa: Thanks for reading, glad you liked it! šŸ˜€ And re the movie, hahaha, I told my sister that she should’ve made it into a screenplay instead because it does seem like a movie! Beats the heck out of When Love Happens, that’s for sure. Hehehe. Oh, and re the line, I think that’s original. It did fit the scene real well. šŸ™‚

  3. Thank you for making this novel. I really liked it. And my friends also liked it. Me and my tropa felt kilig while reading the novel.
    Like lessa said, she should make it into a movie! haha! or make a part 2! ƜƜƜ

  4. i’ve been reading chicklits for quite some time now. and of course, five days in palawan, wont escape my addictness. oh dear, how i love it. it’s different in a way that it uses a guy’s point of view. please tell your sister, congratulations for a novel well-written. i hope there would be a sequel or a new book from her that would be at par with this. šŸ™‚

  5. @mimah ganda: Thanks! I’ll tell her what you said. And hehehe, lots of people have been asking for a sequel actually, but she’s not saying anything. I’m hoping she’ll get inspired with all these nice reviews. šŸ™‚

  6. I’ve been reading a lot romantic short stories, even though I’m a guy.
    Thanks for the ‘book’! I really can put myself into it. Not to say as to the experience I have had, but because of the words used.. =)
    Somehow, we may now be proud of our filipino works. Hope a lot of our fellow filipino’s will patronize our work.
    More power!

    P.S. i’m waiting for the new book.. XD

  7. nasa chapter 9 na ako nung book.nung umpisahan ko di ko na nabitawan.medyo ng stop muna kais nag away si topher at mia.mamaya ittutuloy ko.sigurado hanggang matapos na.five days in palawan is a surprise!first time kong magbasa ng pinoy romance. ang galing ng writer.sana masundan pa.

  8. i am also a reader of chick lits and when i encourage girls to read books, i recommended the 5 days in palawan. god, this book is really great. i read lots of books but the story of mia and topher is the best. zara irigo is such a good author. hope she could make a sequel of it.

  9. i haven’t read the book yet pero si bf ko oo… and honestly he super liked it to the point na lagi niyang kinukwento yung story sakin tuwing magkasama I know the story more or less.. And gaya nga ng sinasabi ng madami we both believed na pwedeng pwede tong gawing movie.. so pano we’ll just wait for it in the big screen…

    and sana nga may part II ung book =)

  10. 5 days in Palawan is such a great great story.. i super love it.. super nakakakalungkot ung ending.. ang tagal ko bago nakamove-on..super kakaiba xa.. the way they love each other.. kakakilig na super sakit sa ending na. dats all?? sana may part2 pah.. 3 years na nung nabasa ko ung story.. and i want to read it again and again.. sana nga i-movie xa.. super ganda..and kakaiyak.. huhuhuhuhuhu

  11. .. the book was so great šŸ™‚ ang galing ng writer :).. di mo akalain na mkakaisip ang isang tao ng ganitong story .. sana marami pa ang mainspire at gumawa ng mga katulad nito .. :)more power and thank you for making the book .:)

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