Nishikido Ryo as Yagami Light

First of all, credit where credit is due: Photo manipulation was done by my friend Dyeane. πŸ˜€ Thanks so much!

[She’s a great artist! Check out her gallery! She didn’t have a lot of time to do this though so it’s not that polished. I think she did this in about 10 minutes πŸ˜› and mostly because she probably felt sorry for how bad it was when I tried to do it. Hehe.]

So anyway, let me tell you what brought about all these.

I was reading a review for the J-Drama Last Friends, and it described Nishikido Ryo‘s character as someone who makes a 180-degree turn all in one episode (and it was the first, too) –he starts out as a patient, loyal boyfriend, and then turns into a rather abusive one.

The site had screen caps of it, and one in particular showed Nishikido-san in a light I’ve never seen him in before. Of course, I’ve had very limited exposure to him (I mostly just see him because he’s in a lot of the videos that Yamapi is in, and well, of course, my attention then would be on Yamapi πŸ˜‰ ) so far, but anyway, he looked really different from the somewhat cheery, goofy character that he is when he’s with NewS.


Nishikido Ryo as Oikawa Sosuke in Last Friends

He kind of has a dark aura surrounding him, doesn’t he?

Anyway, I showed it to my sister and she said that he looked like an anime in that picture. So I looked at it again and a thought crossed my mind — he didn’t just look like an anime, he looked like a particular anime character:

Light Yagami from Death Note the Anime Series

Okay, so the hair color is different, but there is definitely a similarity in expression and like I said, in their aura. So then I wondered, what if they got Nishikido Ryo as the actor to play Yagami Light in the Death Note movie?

Don’t get me wrong, I love love love Tatsuya Fujiwara. I think he’s a great actor, and he’s cute to boot. But it never hurts to think of them “What If” questions, and this is also for those people (because I’ve seen a lot on the net) who think that Tatsuya Fujiwara looks too girly (or not handsome enough) for the role of Light (Note: I don’t agree with them).

(Click here to see original poster.)

So, yeah… I’m just wondering is all. πŸ˜› I haven’t really seen Nishikido Ryo acting, so I can’t tell if he’d make a good Light Yagami, although he certainly seems handsome enough (at least, in my opinion πŸ˜‰ ). What do you think?


32 thoughts on “Nishikido Ryo as Yagami Light”

  1. Too bad Ryo doesn’t like having hair other than black. I think he has this thing that all Japanese people should have black hair. I think he says this cause he looks terrible with blonde/light brown hair. πŸ˜›

    After watching last friends, I think he can pull off a light really easily.

  2. Yeah…. I have been thinking the same thing EXACTLY !!!
    When I was reading the comics – I had pictured Ryo, everytime I encountered the character of Yagami Light. He would have cut for the part of Yagami Light almost naturally – considering he has (unexpected) dark side to him……….

  3. I had been thinking EXACTLY the same !!
    When I was reading DEATH NOTE comic series, Nishikido Ryo came to mind almost all the time – whenever I encountered the character of Yagami Light. Nishikido can pull out this (unexpected) dark side in him while keeping his charm on the other; which means stepping into Yagami’s character seems like something a natural thing for him. Who knows they’ll cast Nishikido as Yagami Light for the drama version of Death Note…..

  4. Hey !

    I’ve just discovered your blog … and I think it’s pretty funny =D !
    Well, I think Nishikido RyΓ΄ can act easily a bad character … just because he has a sort of “dark aura” as you said …
    Well, he could be a good Light Yagami, I think =)) !


    Bye bye and good continuation with your blog (^^)/


  5. @Hell-Oh: Thanks for visiting! I’m glad you like my blog and hope you find your way back here again! πŸ™‚
    And, I hope we do get to see Ryo playing Light, even for a special episode or something. πŸ™‚

    See ‘ya around!

  6. i don’t he would fit the role for Yagami Light because he doesn’t seem to be evil enough. first of all he kinda look like Light-kun but he wouldn’t fit. don’t get me wrong i really love him and i think he is also a great actor.

  7. Going off just looks alone, I don’t think Nishikido-san would do well as Light. Tatsuya does fantastically as light. Has the mannerisms, the posture…everything. And I think he looks a lot more like Light then anyone they could have found. Light is a girly person. Through the first half of the Anime/manga he looks very childish and innocent. It would be really hard to cast Light for the LA, just like it would have been hard to find someone better then Ken’ichi Matsuyama as L. but then again Ken’ichi did spend months living as L just so he had it right.

  8. …Wow amazing..i never thought that there are also people (Aside Me)thinking that Ryo Nishikido should play for the role of Light-kun..It really fit for Sure..I much appreciated if its Ryo and Keniche..the fact they are also in the 1 liter of Tears..Great Job for Keniche..You got the character..I just notice that ur handsome when u play as “L”..

    For Ryo I wish that u’ll be the Light-kun/kira in DeathNote..Ryo Rocks and ‘L’ Rules…

  9. He was in 1 litre of tears too, its was tv drama series where this girl has this disease and he sticks with her anyway, he is so sweet in it! i’ve not seen him in an actual film… but he’s dead sexxy!

  10. shit! I was really tricked when I saw that poster without read the article first. 😦
    I do like if Ryo was Yagami. and I actually deal with people’s opinion who said Tatsuya Fujiwara looks too girly. yeah….
    Go Nishikido! πŸ˜€

  11. Woah! nice blog!
    I have seen Ryo-chan in 1 liter of tears first, just because i wanted to see how Kenichi act in a tv series…but then,after that, i got hooked to Ryo alone… as of now, I have watched almost all his JDorama… such as Last Friends (love his being so emo here), Ryusei No Kizuna (this drama shows his funny side), Orthros No Inu (like, like, like!)…
    Regarding the topic “Ryo being Light”… I would really want that, too! (Nothing against Tatsuya… I like him, too esp. in Battle Royale)

  12. I fall head over heels with Ryo Nishikido. If you watch his series, you would know tht he an absolute talented actor. He plays many roles in the past years. Such as 1 liter of tears, attention please, last friend, inu s/TH with Tukky and joker . He is such an amazing actor really. I think would suite well in the light yakami role.

  13. Hi. I’m also an avid fan of Yamapi and like what you’ve said I didn’t really notice Ryo before because my attention was on Yamapi. But I really like Ryo now and he is really cute. I hope they will have a drama where Yamapi and Ryo will star together. πŸ™‚

  14. i think, nishikido ryo is suited as yagami light because he has such a dark aura . when he just calm down, ow gosh he makes such a cool athmospheare.. i love him xD
    by the way,, just watch an old dorama titled one litre of tears of ichi littaru no namida,, he played as haruto asao,, he acts so goooooodd T_T

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