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Happy Hog Farmers Week!

Did anyone know that there was such a thing? I sure didn’t. Not until earlier this morning when I looked around the Office of the Press Secretary’s Website to see if May 1 (Labor Day) was indeed kept as a holiday (and not moved around, like all the other holidays in the Philippines). Ironically, I didn’t see anything about May 1 in the site, but I did see something interesting:

(Click on the pic to enlarge.)

Turns out, this week (April 21-27, 2008) is Hog Farmers Week! 😀 And since “it is necessary to focus attention on the role the hog-farming sector plays in accelerating the development of the livestock industry;” and I like pigs (and pork), I’m letting everyone (who reads my blog) know.

So if you see a hog farmer along the way then don’t forget to greet him/her! 🙂 And in case you happen to be one, then I hope you’re smiling, because it’s your week this week!

Let’s all get into the Hog Farmers Week spirit!


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