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Back from the Beach

Ang Mga Bida sa Takilya sa Beach!
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Summer fun! I just got back from our company outing, and it was great! We stayed overnight at the La Luz Resort in Batangas, and although it didn’t have the best beach in the world (mabato! masakit sa paa maglakad sa dagat!), the resort was pretty nice, and the food was delicious, so it was all good. Plus, the Management had finally come to their senses and scrapped the “games” (and other group activities, besides eating) part. I mean, having to do stupid things (like running barefoot on really really hot sand, whilst holding a spoon with calamansi on it) with people you hardly know (like people from the other departments) just sucks the fun out of the whole thing, right?

Anyway, we didn’t do much, which is just the way I like it. We got there, ate lunch, stayed at the room for a while doing nothing, swam for a bit in the beach (some of us went kayaking (is this a real verb?)), ate dinner, and then just hung out at one of the cabanas drinking, er, was it vodka and sprite? There were a bunch of other drinks, too (gin, i remember, and something else i’ve completely forgotten — not because i was drunk, i just wasn’t paying attention. wait, it was arctic!) and lots and lots of snacks (this, I was happy about 🙂 ). But since I’m not really a drinker, I had more fun enjoying the conversation. It’s so fun being one of the few sober people in a group, isn’t it? Because you get to see everyone make fools of themselves, but you don’t have to share the embarrassment. Hehehe. Although it does get a bit messier on your end, because you’re the one who still cares if you get vomit all over your clothes. -_- Luckily, my officemates had enough sense not to drink that much, and even when some of them did eventually throw up, they always reached the bathroom in time.

I kind of get the whole “social relevance” (haha! what a term!) of drinking now. I mean, I now get why it’s a social event–because some people become more honest with themselves (and to other people as well) when they’re drunk, so it’s a way to get to know who the people around you are, really. This doesn’t mean that I like it now, though. I’m afraid my tastebuds just don’t find any kind of alcohol delicious, whether it’s mixed with sprite or juice or whatever. Mapait siya. At ayoko ng mapait. Period.

Anyway, I guess now’s as good a time as any to tell you that I didn’t really like summer all that much until last year. I just didn’t (or don’t, because I still don’t like it) like socializing too much, and getting wet sand between your toes. Plus, I’m not that great a swimmer (I can hardly be called a “swimmer” even), nor do I look good in a swimsuit (and I’m not too keen on seeing other people in swimsuits either). But, probably from reading so many travel blogs, I began to appreciate the beauty of the beaches (and the Philippines in general, actually, but beaches are mostly our main feature, so…), and local tourism. And seafood and other local delicacies (I mean, those local to the province that the beach is in) aren’t bad either. I’ve even stopped caring about what the sun will do to my complexion. As long as I don’t get skin cancer or anything, I don’t care anymore if I’m fair-skinned or whatever. Well, I’ll never be fair-skinned anyway, even if I hide from the the sun for a year–some people are just born with this natural tan (especially in the Philippines), so it’s fine with me. So, I’m thankful that I’ve grown to like beaches, and summer (even if it’s irritatingly hot in this tropical country!), because since I already like rainy season, then now, I pretty much like all the days of the year! 🙂


1 thought on “Back from the Beach”

  1. can’t help but laugh and laugh….
    seriously, i find your blog highly entertaining…expect me to be one of your avid readers. take care!

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