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Onli in da Pilipins

[Disclaimer muna: Don’t be misled by the title. This isn’t about some sort of political or economic or cultural (well, kinda cultural) whatever. Mababaw lang. But kind of related to something that’s a bit unique to the Philippines, kaya ‘yan ang title ng post. (Plus, you might not understand it if you’re not Filipino.) Anyways…]

Nakakapikon! I was looking for articles and reviews comparing the two versions (Taiwanese and Japanese) of the drama Hana Kimi, and it was just, wah! It was really upsetting! I’ve nothing against two TV stations running the two dramas at the same period. They’re competitors, so fine, let their shows compete. What upsets me though is that majority of the audience are formulating their opinions about the shows, based on which network they like better.

“Kapuso? Or kapamilya?” is always the question that’s asked when they compare the dramas. Gusto ko tuloy mag-comment sa lahat ng forums na may ganyan ng “UTANG NA LOOB! Neither network came up with the shows, they just imported them!” Of course, whichever one that gets the higher rating would probably show which network makes better decisions when choosing which international shows to import, but I have a feeling that because of the running rivalry between the stations, it’ll all still boil down to which network has more loyal fans.

Don’t you think it’s a bit unfair to judge a drama just because the network showing it is the network you don’t like? I mean, some people hadn’t even seen the other version yet and already they’d said that it was stupid. Hel-lo!? How can you say it’s stupid when you haven’t seen it?! And why can’t people stop complaining about the irrelevant things, like the fact that ABS-CBN changed the characters names? I would’ve thought the answer to that was obvious–Chinese names are difficult to remember (for us non-Chinese). I mean, didn’t anyone notice (during the Meteor Garden days in 2003) how hard it was explaining to people that “Dao” isn’t actually the first name of “Dao Ming Si”?! What more when the names given to the characters are even harder to pronounce than Dao Ming Si, like “Rui Xi” and “Quan”? If the Japanese characters had really difficult names, too, GMA probably would’ve thought of changing them as well. They’re just lucky because “Ashiya” and “Shun” are easier to remember than Rui Xi and Quan. Right? Besides, there’s really nothing wrong with changing the names. They changed all the other words to Filipino, didn’t they!?

And then there’s that thing about the Japanese version not being faithful to the manga. Argh! My argument here is the same as my argument to those people who just can’t accept that movies and books are completely different mediums. The drama is no longer a manga! It’s liveaction! Naturally, a lot of details will be changed. I read one comment that said “In the Japanese version, Sano gave Ashiya her shoes. The item he returned weren’t shoes! There was nothing about shoes in the manga!” WTF?! So what?! The point was that Sano returned an item that Ashiya forgot. If she happened to be carrying a jacket and he returned that, that would be fine, too. What item it is doesn’t change the plot anyway. [And no, this isn’t a chance for you to get smart and say “What if it was her cellphone? He would’ve read her messages and have known that she was a girl right away! That changes the plot.” Phooey! It wasn’t her cellphone that Sano returned.]

Anyway, I could go on and on (because OMG the comments on all the forums and articles I saw really did go on and on), but my point would be the same: It totally sucks (!) that there’s this “war” going on between the two networks in the Philippines, because people aren’t judging the dramas fairly. Nakakainis! At lalong nakakainis ‘yung mga nagsasabing “Nagsasabi lang naman kami ng totoo! Mas-maganda talaga ang Hana Kimi (insert either Taiwan or Japan here)!” Grrr!!! Hindi ba kasama sa curriculum ng lahat ng English courses sa grade school ang difference between Fact and Opinion?!! Bakit ang pagkaalala ko ako mula Grade 3 hanggang Grade 5 ‘eh pinag-aralan ko ‘yun? Laging may section sa test na ganun, ‘yung susulat mo kung ‘yung sentence ba ‘eh “Fact” or “Opinion”. Ano ba?!

Okay, sorry for the angsty post. I’m just really frustrated that I had such a difficult time finding reasonable and justified reviews. Actually, this goes for movies as well. Sa ClicktheCity, tignan n’yo minsan ‘yung mga reviews ng GMA films (e.g. My Best Friend’s Girlfriend) and Star Cinema (e.g. One More Chance). Ang daming comments na tipong “This movie sucks! ABS-CBN sucks!” or “This movie is the best movie ever dahil GMA ang gumawa nito!” I mean, there’s nothing wrong with being fans of a station, or being loyal to a certain station, pero naman, nacocompromise ang opinions (and taste) natin sa art! ‘Di ba nakakainis?


3 thoughts on “Onli in da Pilipins”

  1. spent time watching both at the same time (i mean pag commercial sa kabila lipat at nood sa kabila) mukhang ok naman sila pareho… but i still have to watch the whole thing before i give you my final verdict.. nasa early part pa rin ako ng hana kimi (taiwan) and mejo naging ok na siya.. but i still don’t know yet.. will let you know as soon as done na ako sa dalawa.. 😀

  2. i have nothing personally against the stations… but then watching most of both versions already, I can definitely say that I like the japanese version (the one shown on 7 I believe) better… I mean i’m an avid fan of Hana Kimi as it is and I have read most of the manga, so the Japanese version sort of gave me something new to see… But then I didn’t say I didn’t like the Taiwanese version, its just that its a run through of what I’ve already read, so that’s that…

    and i have to agree with you… people are just looking at the station, but not the content itself… but then its each to their own… there are a lot of people like you who are also frustrated at the thought of this happening (me included), but then, as I said, its each to their own so we really can’t do anything about it…


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